The SnowFall


Hi to JiGs, Friends and all visitors.Today is a special day,not that it has some historical importance.Today snow has started falling from sky and (just to make it clear why i made this post) I love SnowFall.Its the most beautifull thing winter brings with it.My love for snowfalling goes back to my childhood.I passed by whole life in Islamabad prior to coming to Italy and Islamabad is situated near Muree which is a very famous hill point of Pakistan and its famous for exccessive amount of snow that falls there every year.My father always used to take us to Muree.So my liking of snow started very much at that time and then it just increased and increased.Today i am siting in my computer chair and i am seeing the snow fall from my opened window and i am lovign every moment of it.I can’t wait to get out there and play with snow balls.Last year snow didn’t fall and i was very displeased by winter but this year i think God has heard my desire.Two years before when i saw my first snowfall in Italy i really enjoyed it and i made some pictures too.I am also posting those pictures for you guys.Untill My Next Post.Ciao.Bye

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I am just a simple guy who loves to write..write about life, love, friends, hobbies, interests, experiences and poems..

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