When A Loved One Leaves

Hay Elisa, i know we don’t talk alot
But to me you mean a lot

I know its a very hard time for you
Because once i lost someone dearer too

Everybody has to leave one day
Gabri just left us this day

But he has left somethings for us behind
Things that we have to find

His good qualities,good habits and good memories are his hidden treasures
And we will remember them with some sorrow and some pleasures

Because he would want that and that he would love
And you must know that he is watching you from Heavens above

And if you ever need a shoulder to cary on
You will always have mine to try on


“Now that he is gone ,
Just carry on ,
Don’t mourne,
Everytime you think of him and hear his voice,
Just know that he is looking down on you Smilling,
And he doesn’t feel a thing,
So Elisa don’t feel no pain , Just Smile Back………..”

“To God We belong, and to Him is our return”

“Siamo di Dio e a Lui ritorniamo”

R.I.P Gabriele

About dgenxali

I am just a simple guy who loves to write..write about life, love, friends, hobbies, interests, experiences and poems..

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