The Route Estivo 2008 Experience

Hi to JiGs, Friends and all visitors.I am writing to u after a long time because i was busy with studies and personal activities.Today i want to share with u my personal experience of "The Summer Route 2008".The Rote experience overall was very positive and i really enjoyed the places we went to , the hiking we did , the songs we sang, the fatigue we endured,the difficulty we had, the things we chat about, the new friendships we made, the old friendships which we strengthened and the satisfaction we gained.For those of you who don’t know what route estivo is, route estivo is an annual main summer scouting trip of italy.Each scouting group arranges a trip for its clan members to beautifull places where they have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and forget the daily life problems and just feel life at its basics.This summer was my second time in route.As much as i loved last years’s route where i had the chance of see and touch sea water for the first time in my life, this years summer route had its own charm.As much as i loved being with 13 other clan members last year, this years 4 other members had their own grace and scout spirit.And i have no problem in saying that last 6 days were some of the best days of my life and with so much going on in my personal life, i really needed some time off and sometime to think about myself , and what i want to do and how am i gonna do it.The route provided me the opportunity to think about my future.As much as i love and missed my family while i was away, it really gave me the realization of how much my family means to me and how much i am incomplete without them.The route is like "Wrestle Mania", where it all begins again and also the grand daddy of them all(all other trips).The route is the last event of the year for scouts and it leads to the begining of next year.The clan members think about what they wanna do in next year, what choices are they gonna make, what things they wanna hold on to and what they want to leave behind.The beauty of scouting is that it not only creates socialism and civil life in people but also makes the connection between The Creator and  the creation and its phrase"One World , One Promise" gives such a clear message of unity among human beings on God’s green Earth.And this is a fact that i experienced first hand when i joined "Roncadelle 1"(Roncadelle Scouting Group). At first i had doubts on how its going to work, how would  i be able to fit into an italian scouting group in which everyone in CHRISTIAN while i am a PROUD MUSLIM.But my doubts went away as fast as they came.Roncadelle Scouts accepted me with open arms and welcomed me into their group and into their lives as a scout and as a friend.Luca and Erica, my ex Capo Scouts are the most gentle and kind hearted people i know.They taught me Italian Scout Style and they helped me when i needed.Then there were Clan members like Michele, who became one of my good italian friends , he is like a brother to me and  then there is Martina, who is the best person in the world world and whome i kind of idealise but she doesn’t know it because i never told her,and as i am "Ali The Great" for my friends, Martina is "Martina The Great" for me, and then there s Chiara , whome i like becuase of her straight forwardness and truthfullness and she is very friendly person when she wants to be and also very gentle and kind especially to me, and then comes Elisa, to whom i didn’t talk mcuh in my early time in scouts but now that i have starting knowing her, i find her extremely beautifull from outside and from inside as well.And also she owes me a drink, which i would want soon! , and then there is Paola, whom i didn’t know well before this Summer Route, and now that i know her somebit, i have no hesitation is saying that she is a very simple girl, very friendly  and very caring and at times extremely funny and she likes to sing"chaiya chaiya", haha..i would like to be friends with her in life outside scouting too…..Who is missing from the list.hmm…ah yes , then there is Mattia, there isn’t a more friendly person in the world then Mattia…He is an awsome person to hang out with and i am proud to have him as a friend..and how can i forget Adriano, who is my current capo scout, and one of most coolest people i know, i had some difficulty  in connceting with him at the begining but the difficulty is over now and i would like to call him as my friend….The love and care i had from these people , i hope that i returned the same love and care towards them.I accepted these people in life as they accepted me in theirs..and according to me the key reason behind this all is MY RESPECT FOR THEIR COUNTRY , CULTURE AND RELIGION AND THEIR RESPECT TOWARDS MY COUNTRY , CULTURE AND RELIGION…..Love you all Guys!Scouts 4 Life and also Friends 4 Life.
Michele, Martina,Chiara,Elisa,Paola,Emanuele e Ali

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