The Wedding

Hello to Jigs, Friends and all visitors.Yes i am indeed posting on blog after a long time, mainly because of other activities and partialy because of studies.But never to late to return and share my life with you all once again.Today i will be sharing with you all my experience of attending an italian wedding of a friend.On 27th september 2008, i was invited to attend the matrimonio(as we call it here in italy)the union of two spirits, the bonding of two souls, the acient yet pure act when two people decide to spend there lives together foreber untill death part them.The marriage ceremony of the handsome Paolo and the ever beautifull Erica was held in a church in Castlemella which is hometown of Erica.But before i jump into the actual account of wedding and its rituals , i would like to tell you the pre marriage events that yours truely(me) experienced and which didn’t have much to do with the wedding in the end.So two days before the wedding i asked my good friend Michele about Italian weddings in general and how people dress up in them.And Michele told me about the dressing and everything he knew and that in an italian wedding usualy males wear dress pants and dress shoes and dress shirt and dress suit(dress robes as they r named in harry potter books).But didn’t have any dress robes, mainly because i never needed them and partialy because i never found my size(which i think is a little smaller then S(especialy arms)).But still i decided to give the shops of FrecciaRossa(which is a super market in Brescia) a chance to make my pockets lighter.So one day before marriage i went to frecciarossa and tried each and every shop of clothes and garments but the ancient tradition of the sellers telling me that they don’t have my size continued here in italy as well and i never found my size suit  and without matching siut, pants and shirts r just meaningless.So i returned back home at 7 in the evening and presented the problem of me wanting to dress up nicely at Ericaìs wedding and me not being able to find my size at stores to my parents.Which they listened to and understood realy well and my father offered to me his own black dress pant which he never used and also allowed me to cut it short to my size if neccessary.And my beautifull and kind mother offered her services as a skillfull tailor(an art which she learned from her mother and she from her mother).So then followed the events of modifying the pant to my size in length(wasit wasn’t a problem because my grace of Allah, me and my father share the same waist, and that goes for my younger yet taller brother as well), and then finding a matching dress shirt , which wasn’t that diffucult as i have in my collection lots of dress shirts which i never wore but still owned(maybe they were meant for this day), and also dress shoes which thanks to me, i bought long ago despite the deniel of other family members.Now let us come to the events of the wedding day.I woke up early, took a bath and indulged in daily routine activities of eating brekfast and studying little bit and using the awsome device created by mankind known as computer. At 3.45 my goo friend michele offered to pick me and another friend emanuele(who lives just near my house) and take us to the church where the ceremony was to be held.We arrived at time, the groom was already there along with his family and he welcomed us joyfully.There we saw Mattia(with his guitar)  Marta ,Miriam , Carla and Pietro(or the Milini Family in Short).Soon some of our other friends and known people also arrived.Luca(ex scout leader and a friend), i saw after a long time. He was looking dashing .And then we also met Silvia and her Packer( they were married a while ago but i wasn’t able to attend there wedding, mainly because i wasn’t invited and partialy because i was busy in studies), and then we met the stunning Martina The Great, and the ravishing Chiara and Ale(the super soccer player and brother of chiara and martina and in edition new capo of explorers) and we also met Franco(scout leader) and then we met ever jolly and sweet Elisa and  we then met the Bold and Beautifull Paola.Atlast the wait of the groom was over and the Bride finaly came. The bird’s sang at her sight, the grooms heart leapt, the sun winked, the trees moved with joy and Erica came along the wind like a Queen.We greeted and welcomed her.Soon the Wedding ceremony started and the father of the church did the rituals and it was quite similar to the ones i saw in movies and then paolo said"I Do!" and then Erica said "I Do!".And then the Father announced them as Husband and Wife, in Sorrow and in Hapiness . And both the bride and the groom were so happy for they were in love and now bound in the ultimate gift of love and life.A very beautifull small mini car had been parked for them outside the church when they came outside, and then they drove to the place where a dinner had been arranged for them and all others invited in the wedding.That place was about some 15 minutes from the church and they lead the rest of us who were following them in cars too..and all were horning and making noise and chating greetings all the way and the people who saw them from street sides and stoped and congradulated them and wished them a happy life.Joy was in the air.Then we arrived at the place and the drinks had been set up for vistors untill the dinner time came and also a presentation on the life of paolo was also given which included his pictures from childhood to adulthood.As i was observing Fast(and it was the Holies of Holy Month of Ramadan) so i couldn’t eat nor drink(and by drink i mean soft drink and water!!not alcohol or vine), so i just talked with my friends and here and there untill dinner was set , so we all sat down.It wasn’t still the time for breaking fast, so i waited while others started eating, and then finaly it was time and i said my prayer and ate and my friends actualy claped.And then one after another item was served and we all ate and ate and talked and sang and played drum and guitar and we were so merry and happy and the bride and grrom were so cherished.Then we gave to them the gifts we had brought(wat was out gift i can tell u now , it was a hiking bag, and a tent camp and a sleeping bag for three), and they were so pleased by the gifts and thanked us.And after eating , at nearly midnight people started returning to their houses , blessing and kissing the bride and the groom good night and good bye.We scouts were the last to leave.And we too kissed them good night and good bye and wished them a happy married life and this is how the story of The Wedding of Erica came to an end and i came home at 2.30 in the morning and straight to my bed and slept.(Wat hapened between the time we kissed Erica good night(1 in the morning) and the time i came home(2.30 in the morning) is indeed a story in itself which i will not tell you right now)

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