The New Year

Hi to JiGs , Kliq , Friends and all visitors..Happy New Year to all of u from me! May god bring us all the hapiness and fufill all our heart’s desire! May this new year bring peace to the world! But before stepping into 2009 , we gotta sum up 2008 and see how did it went and what good things we did and what bad things we did and what we need to change in 2009 and what mistakes need amendenment and what aims need fullfillment and what goals need being scored and what shots need being hit..I wanted to sum up the whole world events of 2008 but rather decided that i will concenterate on my life and continue sharing it with u guys.
2008 started with me trying to get used of the new university enviroment of university of brescia, and just trying to settle in, January exams didn’t go that well, then started the second semester and me still not comfortable with  very free and liberel university timings of lessons, where u can enter or leave whenever u want.then second semester ended and exams of second semester didn’t go well either as i tried to give exams of first semester with them too, then started third semester and finaly i got used to university enviroment and used that free and liberal timings to study more and made some new friends and did well in exams of third semester..this is overall scene of my study life till mid 2008..Other then studies i have numerous activities which i have developed and grown in years..One of them is Scouting..I am a Scout and scouting in 2008 was complicated..I had problems…First getting used to new capo clan as i was very fond of ex capi clan, the new one seemed odd, then  two of my best clan mates Michele and Martina were took the departure from clan, and i missed them both realy much..then i finaly got along with the new capo clan and found that he is a very good guy and capo clan..but that was soon put to trial as i was presented with the other half of the story that how bad capo clan he is and how irresponsible he is, so i realy am confused to this day what to believe…Wrestling is my other hobby…not doing it but watching and following it..i am a big wrestling fan and am proud of it….i have been a wrestling fan ever since i can remember….I have all the wrestling dvd’s , ppv’s and weeklies since 1985…2008 wrestling wise wa a good year..i got to see some of the good feuds between my favourite wrestlers like undertaker and shawn michaels….
Now lets see the events of late 2008…i started university again with new semestral system…this time i was ready and pretty much used to the free enviroment of university , and straight off i made very good friends in my new class, and got along with them very nicely…These friends include Andrea, Serena, Marco, Pasquale Gabri and Davide…they r great guys to be this new class i also met some of old familiar buddies from high school pietro and bonizardi..they r awsome guys…and studies r going fine but they r more harder then before…Scouting group was reformed and we were aloted a new capo clan silvia, who is a good person…and we combined our scouting group with the group of a neighbouring town…and i met some new scouts and everything is going fine wtih scouting…Wrestling in 2009 is going to be awsome as we r going to have a 25th anniversary of wrestlemania….and in late 2008 another great thing happened..i found “the Kliq”…with Anu…and the Kliq is 4 life and unbeatable!!! Its our time now , ur time is up!!!
So wanna close this blog entry with prayeing that may god bless us all and bestove his grace on all of us and defeat the anti social bad elements of society and make peace in this world! love to u…bye



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I am just a simple guy who loves to write..write about life, love, friends, hobbies, interests, experiences and poems..

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