The JiGs Unmasked

(The Most Special Pictures of The JiGs made by My Best JiG)
Hi to my JiGs, Kliq, Friends and all visitors! Today I am going to tell u about The JiGs in detail."The JiGs" is the name of my closest group of friends, who practically grew up together. The JiGs was formed by me in 2004 but the members of The JiGs were friends and buddies long before the group got its official name. The JiGs has 6 members, namely: Ali, Hasnain, Muneeb, Waqas, Umair and Farhat. The JiGs have alot of beautifull and joyous memories together and that time is still the golden age in the history of The JiGs. Going out, dining, hanging out, gaming, and just living the beautifull life to its full were The JiGs activities. And from all clicks and groups, The JiGs is the only one that survived the time and still is the best friends group of all times. And the saying is true that "If you are a JiG, then u r a JiG 4 Life". Now i am going to tell u how The JiGs got together and came to know eachother. And to do that i would have to take u back in time to when i was in pre-primary nursery "Gul-e-Rana".

It was the year 1991 when my father got me admitted to Gul-e-Rana Nursery. I was 4 years of age at that time. In Gul-e-Rana nursery i quickly became friends with some fellow mates and formed a group and that according to me was the begining of The JiGs. The group inculded 4 guys namely: Luqman Bhatti whom we used to call Luqman Bunty, Hasnain Mehmood, Ali Riaz(Me) and Zammad. But we all were good friends with other guys too, three of whom were prominent amongst them: Shokeib, Qayum and Nadeem. Our group were the outlwas and broke a lot of rules their and raised some hell in the nursery. Atlast the parting time came for the group as we did our initial pre-primary and were ready to go to school now. My dad wanted me to get admission in ICB-Islamabad College for Boys, which was the best school and college together. But to get admission one needs to pass the test and get satisfactory marks on merit. So me and my dad arrived at the school for test, and for no particolar reason that i can think of, i was just crying and didn’t want to give the test, but a friendly and familiar faceed guy came up to me and i recongnised him at once, it was Luqman Bunty. So my weeping stopped at once and me and Luqman went in together for the test. I was really relieved by Luqman’s presence and did the test with my level best and got two tofee’s as well after the test from the lady teacher at the main desk. So the result came out and i passed the test with good marks and got admission to ICB, in section Iqbal House(there were four sections, and iqbal house was the best section). So the first day of school came and me and my dad went to the school, and again for no particular reason that i can think of, I was crying again. The Crying came to a halt when my eyes stood on another familiar face of Hasnain Mehmood, and then i looked around the class and found Zammad there too. Two of my buddies from Gul-e-Rana nursery were their, i looked around again but couldn’t find Luqman Bunty, he didn’t pass the test and had to get admission in another school. So me, Hasnain and Zammad continued our friendship and group through the school years as well. In school we met other new guys and fellow class mates and made friendship with them too. Zammad became good friends with Waqas Ahmed, Hasnain became good friends with Muneeb Ashraf and I became good friends with Arslan Ahmed. But And when new friendships are made, old friendships start to break and fall apart, but was not the case with us. Me, Hasnain and Zammad, stayed best friends with eachother too while making new good friendship with others. And as we passed the fifth standard and came to the senior section(sixth standard and above), we started making friends with our best friend’s friends. I came to know Muneeb through Hasnain and found out that our likes and hobbies were same and also that we lived very close to eachother and became very good friends, I also came to know Waqas through Zammad and found that he is a very great guy and a good friend and a Scout too, Hasnain and Waqas both were scouts and they became good friends too and The JiGs was in process of being formed. Me, Hasnain, Zammad, Muneeb and Waqas became all good friends with eachother. Arslan never became a part of The JiGs, he was a dear friend of mine but wasn’t able to make friendship with others. But he stayed my good friend till i departed from Islamabad and came to Italy. So as we came to Matric, The JiGs was established and the masti started. And here a new member was inserted to our group and we quickly developed a kliq with him, his name was Farhat. Though he was the new guy but we all got so used to him that it never felt that we know him for only some years. He is a great guy and a good friend. but trajeody struck and The JiGs was robbed of a member, Zammad left The JiGs and made his own friends and activities and we never heard much from him again. I really miss Zammad as he was the original and initial member of The JiGs and will always be missed amongst The JiGs. Another guy joined The JiGs and became a very dear friend of our, his name was Umair. We used to have our unions and reunions and dinners and gaming club and the real life started for us. The JiGs became the best friends Group and it stayed the best till The JiGs parted to make their careers in professional life, but even to this day The JiGs exists and hasn’t been broken because it can never break as long as I am alive to protect it. Hasnain is in Pakistan Army, Muneeb is in COMSATS, Waqas is studying too, Farhat is working, Umair is studying as well and Me, i am doing engenieering in computer sciences in Italy. Though The JiGs are far apart from eachother but still their hearts are together because they are JiGs 4 Life.May God Bless Our Friendship and May we be reunited once Again! Inshallah!!



Extra 1:

One incident i feel should be told here as it regards The JiGs and is a very unique one. Hasnain reports that on one of his scout meeting, he and other scouts of islamabad went to IMCB(The College second to ICB in fame and merit). And there he met Luqman Bhatti. Following is a word by word account of this incident:

While walking through the college ground of IMCB Hasnain came across a tall guy, who was staring at him because of his uniform, as it was different from that of IMCBians. And in Pakistan if one stares at you, you stare back at him, so Hasnain stared at him back. The Guy didn’t expect Hasnain to stare back as he was in a rival school and was pretty much out numbered if the matter of staring comes to a brawl. The tall guy came up to Hasnain and they both locked eyes. Then the conversation started:

Tall guy: Kya dekh raha hay ghoor kay?( translated : What are you staring at? )

Hasnain: Tu kya dekh raha hay?( translated : Tell me , what u r staring at first? )

The tall guy pushes Hasnain back. Their eyes meet again, still trying to figure out the strange feeling. After a while of staring;

Tall guy: Tera naam kya hay?( Whats your name? )

Hasnain: Main Hasnain hoon aur tera?( I am Hasnain and u? )

Tall guy: hehe! Hasnain, main Luqman hoon, Luqman Bhatti(there is some doubt in whether he said Luqman Bahtti or Luqman Bunty).

They hug eachother. Both were glad to see eachother. They were long lost buddies, friends and JiGs. Luqman showed Hasnain around the school and they talked and made up for lost times. Finaly it was time for Hasnain to leave IMCB and return to ICB. So they parted and gave eachother a final Hug. And hasnain came back to ICB and thats the last he or anyother member of The JiGs saw or heard of Luqman because stupid Hasain never asked where he lives nor any phone number. But he is out there somewhere and we JiGs still consider him our buddy and may one day we meet him. Miss you Luqman!


Extra 2:

Another thing that i feel should be mentioned here are the nick names of The JiGs:

Hasnain: Perru Shah

Ali: Lord

Muneeb: Don

Waqas: KD or RAAM

Farhat: Fubu

Umair: (not decided yet)

Zammad: Zam

Luqman: Bunty

There are some other very dear friends of mine too, who were not part of The JiGs but i consider them my Jiggars and hold them dear to me.Those Jiggars include:
  • Umair Aslam: Our very own little Einstein and a Genius.He is doing Engenieering from UET
  • Arslan Ahmed: I used to call him janwar sometimes as a nick. He is a dear friend of mine. He and I were very good buddies and he is a good friend and will always be.
  • Nabeel Akhtar: I cam to know him very later but he is no doubt a Jiggar of mine. We both had a good friendship and still have.
  • Asaf Rauf: Khan sahib and I didn’t click much in the early years of school but in later days , he and i became good friends and no matter what others say about him and his personality , he is a good friend of mine and is a very good person at times.
  • Zubair: I didn’t know Zubair much earlier but when i came of know him, we became good friends and as he lived in my street, we used to hang out alot together when i was not with The JiGs.


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