The eyes have cried enough,

Ali you have tried enough,

There is nothing left to save,

Buddy just give a final wave,

All that love has become weak,

What do you want, what do you seek,

She has moved on, she doesnt want to speak,

To you she belonged,

You have been wronged,

Its time you let go,

And let the time flow,

All the wounds will be healed,

Just some hugs from friends is all you need,

Nevermind you will find someone like her,

No wait, hope you never find someone like her.

– Ali

About dgenxali

I am just a simple guy who loves to write..write about life, love, friends, hobbies, interests, experiences and poems..

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  1. That’s a powerful verse. I hope that the most harmonious and healing redemption happens from this story. Somehow, someday.

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