Burning Desire

A burning desire, deep inside,

Heart of secrets, hard to hide,


Hard to decide, to give in or let go,

Rules to abide, maybe take it slow,


Fake it though, till desire becomes passion,

Fire in her eyes, naughty in a ravishing fashion,


A complicated situation, confusion in mind,

Plan it in my head, or just go in blind,


What would I find? My abandoned castle of sand,

Rivers flowing, crumbled in my hand,


Where do I stand? Mysteries of life,

Absent desire for children and a wife,


Pick up the knife, slit your wrists,

Blood flowing, clench your fists,


Or chop it into bits, scatter them around,

Never to talk about, not to be found,


As the world turns around, twirling and swirling,

Dancing to the music of Lindsey Stirling,


Her hair curling, her eyes green,

Majestic and magical was my queen,


In the last year of teen, her beautiful smile,

Falling in love, deeper than Nile,


Promises to go till the last mile, broken trust, shattered dreams,

Suffering, torment, pain, death and endless screams.

About dgenxali

I am just a simple guy who loves to write..write about life, love, friends, hobbies, interests, experiences and poems..

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