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A Love Story

It was a cool winter evening of December, he had finished his dinner and came to his computer..He was very excited and happy about something..He had thought of it during the day and he couldn’t wait to share it, share it with someone he had started to like..He turned on his computer, logged on to Facebook and msn and waited..After some minutes , she came online, she who he secretly fancied but was afraid to express his feelings and conflicted because there was someone else, someone else on his and her side..He loved somebody, loved somebody for two years, at least that’s what he thought..But now what was this new feeling, this new sensation, this new thrill, this new emotion..why he preferred talking to her instead of her..But he didn’t think things through and just followed his feelings..

Z and He had great two years..Seemed fate just wanted them to be together..He knew her for couple of years but then He came to another country and lost contact..One spam email got them talking after a year of silence, they talked, they flirted, they liked, they fell for each other..It was beautiful..He teased her..She teased him..They were happy..She was shy, he was bold..she began to trust him..they talked on phone, she sent him pictures..Her eyes were eyes of a lover, she was beautiful, he was in awe..They video chatted..Her first video chat with any guy..She was nervous, he appreciated it..World was happy, grass was green, birds sang, stars shinned, flowers blossomed, love was divine..But then some bumps came..they argued..she was stubborn and he too..arguments increased..the lovely talks became less, the doubts gathered like clouds, clouding the judgment, clouding the mind, insecurities..questions about future and each other .and they fought..they fought..they fought allot .they fought on chats, they fought on sms’s, they fought on phone..The fights made him want to not talk with her..He distanced his self..She became sad..He didn’t care..She became silent..She cried..He ignored..He didn’t appreciate her care..He started liking someone else..He did her wrong..Her trust broke..She found about the other girl, she cried..she wept..her world shook, her heart broke, her life halted..but he didn’t care..He did her so wrong..Promises he broke..He did her so wrong..Lies he told..He did her so wrong..He left her for this new person..And He did her so wrong..

But he didn’t see the future, he didn’t know how it will come back to him..He was living in the moment..She came online and they started the video chat, it was the 31st of December, New Years Eve, they talked, they had fun, they enjoyed the night together, then he told her he wanted her to join his new group called The KliQ..She was so excited about this, she gladly joined, he showed her the sign..The promised KliQ 4 Life..They talked the next day, and the next day and the day after that..They flirted, they teased  they liked each other  they fell in love, they left the someone else in their lives , they became one, they celebrated valentines day, her parents disapproved, she wanted to end, he fought for her with her, he won the fight, they kept it secret, they fell more deeper in love, year passed, she went to university, they had better opportunity ty to talk and grow with each other  he woke her up everyday, she slept looking at her every night  he looked at her as she studied, she talked in his year when he slept..he became jealous of her friends, he felt ignored, she made it up to him..he appreciated..she showed interest in Islam, he taught her..she converted to was great..they couldn’t have enough of each other..World was happy, grass was green, birds sang, stars shinned, flowers blossomed, love was divine..But then some bumps came..they argued, he was sometimes unreasonable and she was too careless..bad feeling developed..she told him she lied about converting..he was disappointed..he started talking with Z, regretting his choice..she was disappointed and angry..but they solved..this was their special ability .they got angry but they resolved their problems..he again broke off all communications with Z, he swore fidelity  they carried on..years passed, their love grew..but her carelessness didn’t stop..she slept in arms of other guys..he was angry..she apologized..he forgave her..he committed a shameful act he regretted..he hid it from her..they carried on..she got tired of distance, she wanted to meet..she didnt realize how much he wanted to meet..but opportunity just never came..his strong outer layer gave her wrong impression..she complained, he hated the complains, they fought, they argued..but they made up, they carried on..he made her a special video featuring celebrities and friends for her birthday, she was in tears of joy..he sang her songs and she smiled..he didn’t Skype her often because he just couldn’t look at her and not want to tear up the screen and bring her out of it into his arms..she didn’t understand..the fights continued..but they made up..they carried on..he began to change for her..he became easier..she wanted to do au pair to meet him, he was happy, he worked hard and saved up money..they finally met after 4 years..and they were glad, they hugged and kissed and held hands..they put a picture on Facebook and their friends loved was a dream come true, a true love come to fruition..a tale from the book..they told each other all their wait and sacrifices were worth it, worth it for that one moment when her face was in his hands and their eyes were in tears..they gave each other clean slate, a fresh start, a fresh continuation of an old ancient true love..they were glad and merry and gay..and World was happy, grass was green, birds sang, stars shinned, flowers blossomed, love was divine..He came back home but then the road came to a sudden warning , no speed bump..

He was gone and she was alone again, she missed him but he wasn’t there to hug her no more or to kiss..she missed him..she was weak, M came into her life..he was so nice..he made her smile..she started liking him..he was not him, but he was there, there right in front of her..he said she is not her type but he lied..she started really liking him, he took her for a ride on his bike..she loves bike riding..she missed him..but M was there, she was weakest, she slipped, she fell, she let him on, he was far..he had no job..she couldn’t wait no more..she had to think about her future..she had to worry about her just wasn’t enough no more..she began to date him..he sensed something and called her..she cried and promised to never see him again..she lied..he still believed her and forgave her..he read her email..he was shocked to discover the content..he found out..he confronted her..she didn’t deny, she didn’t refuse, she was a different person..he cried..he wept..his world shook, his heart broke, his life halted..but she didn’t care..She did him so wrong..Promises she broke..She did him so wrong..Lies she told..She did him so wrong..She left him for this new person..And She did him so wrong..

His past came back to him, what he did to Z, she did to him..Karma, Justice..

Never promise someone if you do not intend to honor that promise! and Never break a heart!

The JiGs Unmasked

(The Most Special Pictures of The JiGs made by My Best JiG)
Hi to my JiGs, Kliq, Friends and all visitors! Today I am going to tell u about The JiGs in detail."The JiGs" is the name of my closest group of friends, who practically grew up together. The JiGs was formed by me in 2004 but the members of The JiGs were friends and buddies long before the group got its official name. The JiGs has 6 members, namely: Ali, Hasnain, Muneeb, Waqas, Umair and Farhat. The JiGs have alot of beautifull and joyous memories together and that time is still the golden age in the history of The JiGs. Going out, dining, hanging out, gaming, and just living the beautifull life to its full were The JiGs activities. And from all clicks and groups, The JiGs is the only one that survived the time and still is the best friends group of all times. And the saying is true that "If you are a JiG, then u r a JiG 4 Life". Now i am going to tell u how The JiGs got together and came to know eachother. And to do that i would have to take u back in time to when i was in pre-primary nursery "Gul-e-Rana".

It was the year 1991 when my father got me admitted to Gul-e-Rana Nursery. I was 4 years of age at that time. In Gul-e-Rana nursery i quickly became friends with some fellow mates and formed a group and that according to me was the begining of The JiGs. The group inculded 4 guys namely: Luqman Bhatti whom we used to call Luqman Bunty, Hasnain Mehmood, Ali Riaz(Me) and Zammad. But we all were good friends with other guys too, three of whom were prominent amongst them: Shokeib, Qayum and Nadeem. Our group were the outlwas and broke a lot of rules their and raised some hell in the nursery. Atlast the parting time came for the group as we did our initial pre-primary and were ready to go to school now. My dad wanted me to get admission in ICB-Islamabad College for Boys, which was the best school and college together. But to get admission one needs to pass the test and get satisfactory marks on merit. So me and my dad arrived at the school for test, and for no particolar reason that i can think of, i was just crying and didn’t want to give the test, but a friendly and familiar faceed guy came up to me and i recongnised him at once, it was Luqman Bunty. So my weeping stopped at once and me and Luqman went in together for the test. I was really relieved by Luqman’s presence and did the test with my level best and got two tofee’s as well after the test from the lady teacher at the main desk. So the result came out and i passed the test with good marks and got admission to ICB, in section Iqbal House(there were four sections, and iqbal house was the best section). So the first day of school came and me and my dad went to the school, and again for no particular reason that i can think of, I was crying again. The Crying came to a halt when my eyes stood on another familiar face of Hasnain Mehmood, and then i looked around the class and found Zammad there too. Two of my buddies from Gul-e-Rana nursery were their, i looked around again but couldn’t find Luqman Bunty, he didn’t pass the test and had to get admission in another school. So me, Hasnain and Zammad continued our friendship and group through the school years as well. In school we met other new guys and fellow class mates and made friendship with them too. Zammad became good friends with Waqas Ahmed, Hasnain became good friends with Muneeb Ashraf and I became good friends with Arslan Ahmed. But And when new friendships are made, old friendships start to break and fall apart, but was not the case with us. Me, Hasnain and Zammad, stayed best friends with eachother too while making new good friendship with others. And as we passed the fifth standard and came to the senior section(sixth standard and above), we started making friends with our best friend’s friends. I came to know Muneeb through Hasnain and found out that our likes and hobbies were same and also that we lived very close to eachother and became very good friends, I also came to know Waqas through Zammad and found that he is a very great guy and a good friend and a Scout too, Hasnain and Waqas both were scouts and they became good friends too and The JiGs was in process of being formed. Me, Hasnain, Zammad, Muneeb and Waqas became all good friends with eachother. Arslan never became a part of The JiGs, he was a dear friend of mine but wasn’t able to make friendship with others. But he stayed my good friend till i departed from Islamabad and came to Italy. So as we came to Matric, The JiGs was established and the masti started. And here a new member was inserted to our group and we quickly developed a kliq with him, his name was Farhat. Though he was the new guy but we all got so used to him that it never felt that we know him for only some years. He is a great guy and a good friend. but trajeody struck and The JiGs was robbed of a member, Zammad left The JiGs and made his own friends and activities and we never heard much from him again. I really miss Zammad as he was the original and initial member of The JiGs and will always be missed amongst The JiGs. Another guy joined The JiGs and became a very dear friend of our, his name was Umair. We used to have our unions and reunions and dinners and gaming club and the real life started for us. The JiGs became the best friends Group and it stayed the best till The JiGs parted to make their careers in professional life, but even to this day The JiGs exists and hasn’t been broken because it can never break as long as I am alive to protect it. Hasnain is in Pakistan Army, Muneeb is in COMSATS, Waqas is studying too, Farhat is working, Umair is studying as well and Me, i am doing engenieering in computer sciences in Italy. Though The JiGs are far apart from eachother but still their hearts are together because they are JiGs 4 Life.May God Bless Our Friendship and May we be reunited once Again! Inshallah!!



Extra 1:

One incident i feel should be told here as it regards The JiGs and is a very unique one. Hasnain reports that on one of his scout meeting, he and other scouts of islamabad went to IMCB(The College second to ICB in fame and merit). And there he met Luqman Bhatti. Following is a word by word account of this incident:

While walking through the college ground of IMCB Hasnain came across a tall guy, who was staring at him because of his uniform, as it was different from that of IMCBians. And in Pakistan if one stares at you, you stare back at him, so Hasnain stared at him back. The Guy didn’t expect Hasnain to stare back as he was in a rival school and was pretty much out numbered if the matter of staring comes to a brawl. The tall guy came up to Hasnain and they both locked eyes. Then the conversation started:

Tall guy: Kya dekh raha hay ghoor kay?( translated : What are you staring at? )

Hasnain: Tu kya dekh raha hay?( translated : Tell me , what u r staring at first? )

The tall guy pushes Hasnain back. Their eyes meet again, still trying to figure out the strange feeling. After a while of staring;

Tall guy: Tera naam kya hay?( Whats your name? )

Hasnain: Main Hasnain hoon aur tera?( I am Hasnain and u? )

Tall guy: hehe! Hasnain, main Luqman hoon, Luqman Bhatti(there is some doubt in whether he said Luqman Bahtti or Luqman Bunty).

They hug eachother. Both were glad to see eachother. They were long lost buddies, friends and JiGs. Luqman showed Hasnain around the school and they talked and made up for lost times. Finaly it was time for Hasnain to leave IMCB and return to ICB. So they parted and gave eachother a final Hug. And hasnain came back to ICB and thats the last he or anyother member of The JiGs saw or heard of Luqman because stupid Hasain never asked where he lives nor any phone number. But he is out there somewhere and we JiGs still consider him our buddy and may one day we meet him. Miss you Luqman!


Extra 2:

Another thing that i feel should be mentioned here are the nick names of The JiGs:

Hasnain: Perru Shah

Ali: Lord

Muneeb: Don

Waqas: KD or RAAM

Farhat: Fubu

Umair: (not decided yet)

Zammad: Zam

Luqman: Bunty

There are some other very dear friends of mine too, who were not part of The JiGs but i consider them my Jiggars and hold them dear to me.Those Jiggars include:
  • Umair Aslam: Our very own little Einstein and a Genius.He is doing Engenieering from UET
  • Arslan Ahmed: I used to call him janwar sometimes as a nick. He is a dear friend of mine. He and I were very good buddies and he is a good friend and will always be.
  • Nabeel Akhtar: I cam to know him very later but he is no doubt a Jiggar of mine. We both had a good friendship and still have.
  • Asaf Rauf: Khan sahib and I didn’t click much in the early years of school but in later days , he and i became good friends and no matter what others say about him and his personality , he is a good friend of mine and is a very good person at times.
  • Zubair: I didn’t know Zubair much earlier but when i came of know him, we became good friends and as he lived in my street, we used to hang out alot together when i was not with The JiGs.

The Re-New Year

Hi to my JiGs, Kliq, scouts, friends and all visitors.As one who reads my blog regularly can clearly see the difference of language and style of my last blog entry was very diffrent, non narrative, and not so beautifull. Thats because i was so not in the mood to write when i decided to make this entry”The New Year”.So i would like to rewrite it and amend a few things and try to give my readers a good narrative reading.
First of all i would like to wish each and everyone of u, a very happy new year.May god bless us all.As we r steppign into the new year, we should all review the previous year and list all the things that hapen to us and all the mistakes we made and all the good deeds we did, and all the happy moments we shared and all the sorrow which fell upon us. Like everybody else my life had its up’s and down’s in 2008 too. I would try to revisit the memory lane and try to post some of my memories of 2008.
2008 started for me with bad news and alot of trouble. I got admission in the university of brescia for doing engenieering in computer sciences in september 2008, and started my first ever university life, which i should mention is awsome as their aren’t many rules and regulations and the teachers realy don’t give a damn if u come to lessons or not, and i soon found out that this much liberty isn’t good for me and the first few months of lessons i realy took easy. And the good thing i about being in university was also the factor that i was in the same class with my very dear and good friend Michele and he introduced me to his other friends Matteo and Ibel, who r cool guys to hang out with. And when 2007 departed i had exams, which i wasn’t ale to take as some of my F.Sc. diplomas were still in the embassy and were in process of translation into italian language. And that excuse was most welcome to me as i wasn’t ready for exams yet! 2008 rose and the second quadmester started but this time i was in process of getting used to the liberty i was given in university and used my liberty and free time for studies and went to lessons and avoided missing any.
And the life outside university was going fine too with its own up’s and down’s. As you guys know that i am a scout and realy love hiking and going to mountains and just enjoying nature in its original form, and i grew this awsome bond with my scout leaders Luca and Erica and also with my clan members Martina, Michele, Chiara, Elisa and Emanuele. But in fall 2007 our scout leaders were changed and replaced by this new guy named Adriano and Anna. And i was so not clicking with them like i clicked with their predeccessors. So when 1008 started i just decided that i don’t wanna do scouting anymore under their leadership, and i brought up the matter at the scout meeting. They heard my views and some of other clan members also felt like me, but they didn’t want to stop scouting just because they were not clicking, but rather they wanted to sort out ways to make with the new scout leaders a bond. So my dear riend Martina sugested to me that i should not stop scouting and rather continue and try give Adriano a chance to show us his real self, so i continued scouting and i am still a scout to this very day.
So second quadmester started and i became friends with some other guys on my own accord, Ledion was one of those friends and still is to this day. The subjects in second quadmester were harder then the first quadmester and i had difficulty in some subjects, like chemistry which i hadn’t studied since my F.Sc., so studywise the second quadmester i tried but didn’t have much success in understanding. Already the university subjects r difficult and add a little bit tarhka(for urdu speaking visitors) of italian language and it passes over all heads. The second session of exams started and I (genius me) trried to give exams of both first and second quadmester together. Made a khichri(for urdu speaking visitors) of subjects and passed only one exam.
The chance i gave Adriano paid and he and i clicked just fine and i found that he is a very nice guy and gives a good company. But sings of scouting getting in the way of studies started to appear and those were hyped by my uncle’s who just hated theidea of me as a scout for reasons they know best. But those ideas were supressed by someone who i love very much and respct his views and value them over others, my brother convinced me that i can balance studies and scouting and that i should not ive up something i realy like doing. And then came the issue of two of our clan members, the eldest one, Michele and Martina were to take departure from clan and become either scout leader of leave scouting and live the normal life. And the idea od our two dear clan members leaving the group realy hurt the morale of the group as they were very important members of our group and our lives too. But wat is to happens does happen and nothing can change it and taking departure is the logical next step in a scouts life.
The Third quadmester started with a blast as i didn’t pass much exams and was realy angry at myself. So in third quadmester i didn’t miss any lessona dn went to university everyday and studied in the time i found free between lessons and the usualy routine became from 8 in morning till 6 in the evening. I started understanding the subjects and didn’t hesitate in asking help from my friends. But as i didn’t pass most exams from first two quadmesters, i wasn’t able to take exams of third quadmester, but i still went to lessons and continued studying. But by that time i knew that i had to repeat the first year at university and all i studied from that point on was just for my knowledge and information and things that will help me have an upper hand in the next year. by that time started also the rumour which came out to be true that university is going through some change in structure and corse and credits. And a new semester system was being introduced and the number of subjects were to change and the number of credits were to change as well.this created alot of trouble for students who were in higher years as some of the subjects were being eliminated and new subjects were to be introduced.
The time for the departure of Martina and Michele came and they departed form our clan and Michele decided to leave scouting(as he wanted to join a local football team) and Martina became a scout leader. After them our clan became very small in number and we all missed those two.Then came the time for the biggest event of the summer, The Summer Route(the details of which can be read in the blog entry entitled”The Summer Route 2008 Experience”). The Route was a great experience as we were so less in number, it provided us the oppertunity to get to know eachother well and create a bond between us. So ended the scouting year of 2008.
September came and i got admission in first year of engenierring in computer sciences with new semestral system. The lessons started, but unlike previous year, this year i had an upper hand and already knew some subjects and arguments. I made friendship with Andrea who is a great guy and has become one of my dear friends. And he and i stayed in university whole day and studied together and we were often joined by our other new friend Bansal. We three had some great time together in university, we studied, ate and went home together. And me and andrea befriended many other guys of our course. Serena and his friends became our very good friends. And because of this studying bond, we became good in our class and I topped the whole class in algebra exams and got full marks. So studying in 2008 went from worst , bad, normal to good. And i was glad with that.
New scouting year started in october and we made a combined scouting group with another town. Though i was against this union but it proved very good as i came to know new scouts andam in process of making them friends. Scouts 4 Life. And soon i am about to take departure myself from clan too. But i still haven’t decided which to select between becoming a scout leader or living a normal non scout life. But lets wait and see.
Another important thing happened in fall 2008. The KGenesis of The Kliq. The JiGs is my group of friends from pakistan, whom i love and have known all my life and no one can take their palce but the time had come for me to start a new group. The Kliq is that new group and it has people whom i have come to know recently and made good friends with. And the first member to be added in The Kliq is Anu. In just some days Anu became one of my most dearest friends. More people will be joining The kliq soon. Kliq 4 Life!
Now i will just post in brief other events of 2008:
  • I had a super fight with my Uncle’s over stupid arguments but its ok now.
  • My uncle and aunt from uk came to visit us for a week and we had a wonderfull time with them. Their kdis are so cute.
  • I had a super fight with my dad over another stupid argument but we patched things up and its everythin cool now.
  • I completed my wrestling collection of all ppv’s and homevideos of past.
  • Finaly came to realy know a sister that i always had from childhood.( Details will be mentioned in the entry entitled “the Sister” )


The New Year

Hi to JiGs , Kliq , Friends and all visitors..Happy New Year to all of u from me! May god bring us all the hapiness and fufill all our heart’s desire! May this new year bring peace to the world! But before stepping into 2009 , we gotta sum up 2008 and see how did it went and what good things we did and what bad things we did and what we need to change in 2009 and what mistakes need amendenment and what aims need fullfillment and what goals need being scored and what shots need being hit..I wanted to sum up the whole world events of 2008 but rather decided that i will concenterate on my life and continue sharing it with u guys.
2008 started with me trying to get used of the new university enviroment of university of brescia, and just trying to settle in, January exams didn’t go that well, then started the second semester and me still not comfortable with  very free and liberel university timings of lessons, where u can enter or leave whenever u want.then second semester ended and exams of second semester didn’t go well either as i tried to give exams of first semester with them too, then started third semester and finaly i got used to university enviroment and used that free and liberal timings to study more and made some new friends and did well in exams of third semester..this is overall scene of my study life till mid 2008..Other then studies i have numerous activities which i have developed and grown in years..One of them is Scouting..I am a Scout and scouting in 2008 was complicated..I had problems…First getting used to new capo clan as i was very fond of ex capi clan, the new one seemed odd, then  two of my best clan mates Michele and Martina were took the departure from clan, and i missed them both realy much..then i finaly got along with the new capo clan and found that he is a very good guy and capo clan..but that was soon put to trial as i was presented with the other half of the story that how bad capo clan he is and how irresponsible he is, so i realy am confused to this day what to believe…Wrestling is my other hobby…not doing it but watching and following it..i am a big wrestling fan and am proud of it….i have been a wrestling fan ever since i can remember….I have all the wrestling dvd’s , ppv’s and weeklies since 1985…2008 wrestling wise wa a good year..i got to see some of the good feuds between my favourite wrestlers like undertaker and shawn michaels….
Now lets see the events of late 2008…i started university again with new semestral system…this time i was ready and pretty much used to the free enviroment of university , and straight off i made very good friends in my new class, and got along with them very nicely…These friends include Andrea, Serena, Marco, Pasquale Gabri and Davide…they r great guys to be this new class i also met some of old familiar buddies from high school pietro and bonizardi..they r awsome guys…and studies r going fine but they r more harder then before…Scouting group was reformed and we were aloted a new capo clan silvia, who is a good person…and we combined our scouting group with the group of a neighbouring town…and i met some new scouts and everything is going fine wtih scouting…Wrestling in 2009 is going to be awsome as we r going to have a 25th anniversary of wrestlemania….and in late 2008 another great thing happened..i found “the Kliq”…with Anu…and the Kliq is 4 life and unbeatable!!! Its our time now , ur time is up!!!
So wanna close this blog entry with prayeing that may god bless us all and bestove his grace on all of us and defeat the anti social bad elements of society and make peace in this world! love to u…bye


The Wedding

Hello to Jigs, Friends and all visitors.Yes i am indeed posting on blog after a long time, mainly because of other activities and partialy because of studies.But never to late to return and share my life with you all once again.Today i will be sharing with you all my experience of attending an italian wedding of a friend.On 27th september 2008, i was invited to attend the matrimonio(as we call it here in italy)the union of two spirits, the bonding of two souls, the acient yet pure act when two people decide to spend there lives together foreber untill death part them.The marriage ceremony of the handsome Paolo and the ever beautifull Erica was held in a church in Castlemella which is hometown of Erica.But before i jump into the actual account of wedding and its rituals , i would like to tell you the pre marriage events that yours truely(me) experienced and which didn’t have much to do with the wedding in the end.So two days before the wedding i asked my good friend Michele about Italian weddings in general and how people dress up in them.And Michele told me about the dressing and everything he knew and that in an italian wedding usualy males wear dress pants and dress shoes and dress shirt and dress suit(dress robes as they r named in harry potter books).But didn’t have any dress robes, mainly because i never needed them and partialy because i never found my size(which i think is a little smaller then S(especialy arms)).But still i decided to give the shops of FrecciaRossa(which is a super market in Brescia) a chance to make my pockets lighter.So one day before marriage i went to frecciarossa and tried each and every shop of clothes and garments but the ancient tradition of the sellers telling me that they don’t have my size continued here in italy as well and i never found my size suit  and without matching siut, pants and shirts r just meaningless.So i returned back home at 7 in the evening and presented the problem of me wanting to dress up nicely at Ericaìs wedding and me not being able to find my size at stores to my parents.Which they listened to and understood realy well and my father offered to me his own black dress pant which he never used and also allowed me to cut it short to my size if neccessary.And my beautifull and kind mother offered her services as a skillfull tailor(an art which she learned from her mother and she from her mother).So then followed the events of modifying the pant to my size in length(wasit wasn’t a problem because my grace of Allah, me and my father share the same waist, and that goes for my younger yet taller brother as well), and then finding a matching dress shirt , which wasn’t that diffucult as i have in my collection lots of dress shirts which i never wore but still owned(maybe they were meant for this day), and also dress shoes which thanks to me, i bought long ago despite the deniel of other family members.Now let us come to the events of the wedding day.I woke up early, took a bath and indulged in daily routine activities of eating brekfast and studying little bit and using the awsome device created by mankind known as computer. At 3.45 my goo friend michele offered to pick me and another friend emanuele(who lives just near my house) and take us to the church where the ceremony was to be held.We arrived at time, the groom was already there along with his family and he welcomed us joyfully.There we saw Mattia(with his guitar)  Marta ,Miriam , Carla and Pietro(or the Milini Family in Short).Soon some of our other friends and known people also arrived.Luca(ex scout leader and a friend), i saw after a long time. He was looking dashing .And then we also met Silvia and her Packer( they were married a while ago but i wasn’t able to attend there wedding, mainly because i wasn’t invited and partialy because i was busy in studies), and then we met the stunning Martina The Great, and the ravishing Chiara and Ale(the super soccer player and brother of chiara and martina and in edition new capo of explorers) and we also met Franco(scout leader) and then we met ever jolly and sweet Elisa and  we then met the Bold and Beautifull Paola.Atlast the wait of the groom was over and the Bride finaly came. The bird’s sang at her sight, the grooms heart leapt, the sun winked, the trees moved with joy and Erica came along the wind like a Queen.We greeted and welcomed her.Soon the Wedding ceremony started and the father of the church did the rituals and it was quite similar to the ones i saw in movies and then paolo said"I Do!" and then Erica said "I Do!".And then the Father announced them as Husband and Wife, in Sorrow and in Hapiness . And both the bride and the groom were so happy for they were in love and now bound in the ultimate gift of love and life.A very beautifull small mini car had been parked for them outside the church when they came outside, and then they drove to the place where a dinner had been arranged for them and all others invited in the wedding.That place was about some 15 minutes from the church and they lead the rest of us who were following them in cars too..and all were horning and making noise and chating greetings all the way and the people who saw them from street sides and stoped and congradulated them and wished them a happy life.Joy was in the air.Then we arrived at the place and the drinks had been set up for vistors untill the dinner time came and also a presentation on the life of paolo was also given which included his pictures from childhood to adulthood.As i was observing Fast(and it was the Holies of Holy Month of Ramadan) so i couldn’t eat nor drink(and by drink i mean soft drink and water!!not alcohol or vine), so i just talked with my friends and here and there untill dinner was set , so we all sat down.It wasn’t still the time for breaking fast, so i waited while others started eating, and then finaly it was time and i said my prayer and ate and my friends actualy claped.And then one after another item was served and we all ate and ate and talked and sang and played drum and guitar and we were so merry and happy and the bride and grrom were so cherished.Then we gave to them the gifts we had brought(wat was out gift i can tell u now , it was a hiking bag, and a tent camp and a sleeping bag for three), and they were so pleased by the gifts and thanked us.And after eating , at nearly midnight people started returning to their houses , blessing and kissing the bride and the groom good night and good bye.We scouts were the last to leave.And we too kissed them good night and good bye and wished them a happy married life and this is how the story of The Wedding of Erica came to an end and i came home at 2.30 in the morning and straight to my bed and slept.(Wat hapened between the time we kissed Erica good night(1 in the morning) and the time i came home(2.30 in the morning) is indeed a story in itself which i will not tell you right now)

The Route Estivo 2008 Experience

Hi to JiGs, Friends and all visitors.I am writing to u after a long time because i was busy with studies and personal activities.Today i want to share with u my personal experience of "The Summer Route 2008".The Rote experience overall was very positive and i really enjoyed the places we went to , the hiking we did , the songs we sang, the fatigue we endured,the difficulty we had, the things we chat about, the new friendships we made, the old friendships which we strengthened and the satisfaction we gained.For those of you who don’t know what route estivo is, route estivo is an annual main summer scouting trip of italy.Each scouting group arranges a trip for its clan members to beautifull places where they have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and forget the daily life problems and just feel life at its basics.This summer was my second time in route.As much as i loved last years’s route where i had the chance of see and touch sea water for the first time in my life, this years summer route had its own charm.As much as i loved being with 13 other clan members last year, this years 4 other members had their own grace and scout spirit.And i have no problem in saying that last 6 days were some of the best days of my life and with so much going on in my personal life, i really needed some time off and sometime to think about myself , and what i want to do and how am i gonna do it.The route provided me the opportunity to think about my future.As much as i love and missed my family while i was away, it really gave me the realization of how much my family means to me and how much i am incomplete without them.The route is like "Wrestle Mania", where it all begins again and also the grand daddy of them all(all other trips).The route is the last event of the year for scouts and it leads to the begining of next year.The clan members think about what they wanna do in next year, what choices are they gonna make, what things they wanna hold on to and what they want to leave behind.The beauty of scouting is that it not only creates socialism and civil life in people but also makes the connection between The Creator and  the creation and its phrase"One World , One Promise" gives such a clear message of unity among human beings on God’s green Earth.And this is a fact that i experienced first hand when i joined "Roncadelle 1"(Roncadelle Scouting Group). At first i had doubts on how its going to work, how would  i be able to fit into an italian scouting group in which everyone in CHRISTIAN while i am a PROUD MUSLIM.But my doubts went away as fast as they came.Roncadelle Scouts accepted me with open arms and welcomed me into their group and into their lives as a scout and as a friend.Luca and Erica, my ex Capo Scouts are the most gentle and kind hearted people i know.They taught me Italian Scout Style and they helped me when i needed.Then there were Clan members like Michele, who became one of my good italian friends , he is like a brother to me and  then there is Martina, who is the best person in the world world and whome i kind of idealise but she doesn’t know it because i never told her,and as i am "Ali The Great" for my friends, Martina is "Martina The Great" for me, and then there s Chiara , whome i like becuase of her straight forwardness and truthfullness and she is very friendly person when she wants to be and also very gentle and kind especially to me, and then comes Elisa, to whom i didn’t talk mcuh in my early time in scouts but now that i have starting knowing her, i find her extremely beautifull from outside and from inside as well.And also she owes me a drink, which i would want soon! , and then there is Paola, whom i didn’t know well before this Summer Route, and now that i know her somebit, i have no hesitation is saying that she is a very simple girl, very friendly  and very caring and at times extremely funny and she likes to sing"chaiya chaiya", haha..i would like to be friends with her in life outside scouting too…..Who is missing from the list.hmm…ah yes , then there is Mattia, there isn’t a more friendly person in the world then Mattia…He is an awsome person to hang out with and i am proud to have him as a friend..and how can i forget Adriano, who is my current capo scout, and one of most coolest people i know, i had some difficulty  in connceting with him at the begining but the difficulty is over now and i would like to call him as my friend….The love and care i had from these people , i hope that i returned the same love and care towards them.I accepted these people in life as they accepted me in theirs..and according to me the key reason behind this all is MY RESPECT FOR THEIR COUNTRY , CULTURE AND RELIGION AND THEIR RESPECT TOWARDS MY COUNTRY , CULTURE AND RELIGION…..Love you all Guys!Scouts 4 Life and also Friends 4 Life.
Michele, Martina,Chiara,Elisa,Paola,Emanuele e Ali

When A Loved One Leaves

Hay Elisa, i know we don’t talk alot
But to me you mean a lot

I know its a very hard time for you
Because once i lost someone dearer too

Everybody has to leave one day
Gabri just left us this day

But he has left somethings for us behind
Things that we have to find

His good qualities,good habits and good memories are his hidden treasures
And we will remember them with some sorrow and some pleasures

Because he would want that and that he would love
And you must know that he is watching you from Heavens above

And if you ever need a shoulder to cary on
You will always have mine to try on


“Now that he is gone ,
Just carry on ,
Don’t mourne,
Everytime you think of him and hear his voice,
Just know that he is looking down on you Smilling,
And he doesn’t feel a thing,
So Elisa don’t feel no pain , Just Smile Back………..”

“To God We belong, and to Him is our return”

“Siamo di Dio e a Lui ritorniamo”

R.I.P Gabriele

The JiGs

JiGs5As from my previous post you be wondering wat the hell is JiGs.Well let me explain it to you.JiGs or JiGs4Life  is the name of a group,gang,and faction of seven guys.JiGs is a term invented my Ali aka me.JiGs represent friendship to its extreme.Some of these five guys know eachother from their childhood nursery class .The JiGs members are Ali,Hasnain,Muneeb,Waqas,Zamad,Farhat and Umair.JiGs was founded by Ali(me).JiGs is inspired by factions like D-Generation X,nWo,The Kliq and most of all by F.R.I.E.N.D.S..Though now the JiGs are so far from eachother and busy in professional life but their hearts are still with eachother and it will remain this way for ever.InshAllah.And if you are not down with The JiGs then I have two words for you.S*ck It!
JiGs Quotes and Catch Phrases
JiGs 3;16:”If you are a JiG then you are JiG 4 Life”
“JiGs 4 Life”
“Once a JiG always a Jig”
“Are You Ready?”
Some JiGs Art
skectch 2