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Casual Raiders

So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,

The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders,


Not too long ago we were only two,

But then more people joined us and our troops grew,


We promoted raiding yet still being casual players,

Raiding at night and by day perfecting skills and slayers,


We accept everyone who wants to come,

We aren’t elitists, all play styles are welcome,


We dont care about your LI’s or gear,

Respect is given no matter what you wear,


So have no fear and join our ranks,

All the warriors, healers and tanks,


We promise to always respect you,

We do not need to ever inspect you,


You can be a hardcore raider or a trophy collector,

Just be friendly to all, thats the main factor,


Slowly and steadily we beacame a large kin,

Now we rarely pug but instead have fun within,


We are social and active and have a great reputation,

And teamspeak and kin house and website for more information,


Come be part of a revolution for life in Casual Raiders is never boring,

Where the elves are elegant, men mortal, dwafs strong and hobbits adoring,


The Middle-earth is full of so many creatures and history and lore,

With so many areas and mysteries to explore,


So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,

The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders.


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort. His name was Baginssis. Baginssis lived a quiet, calm, peaceful life in Hobbiton, passing his days taking part in the town politics, smoking his pipe-weed, and staying late in the green dragon inn and having long discussions about golf and other sports. He was a very respectable hobbit and that meant he had never been on an adventure or did anything unexpected. But soon his life was about to change forever.

One day while he was returning home at night, he felt a sudden cold, the air became chilled, he could see his own breath, an unseen fear tookk hold of him. Baginssis pulled his hood over his head. Suddenly he heard the hoofs of a horse, so he hid behind a tree and saw the large black man appear on his black horse. Behind him, he could spot three more of the riders in black. They seemed to have not noticed him, afterall hobbits can be quite stealth when they want to.

There behind the tree in silence, he saw the black riders move towards Bag End. He followed them quietly and carefully, as to not draw any attention to himself. They went into Bag End, with Baginssis close behind them. He couldnt hear them but it seemed that they didnt find what they were looking for. They mounted up again and rode off.

Baginssis didnt know who they were or what to make of the whole scene, he kept replaying the whole scene in his dead when he went to bed that night. Strange, very strange. Tomorrow when he woke up, he wanted to go and inquire what business did Mr. Frodo have with these large black riders. But he was quite disappointed to not find Frodo in his home.

A few more days passed, Baginssis went to check if Frodo was back at his home but he found no sign of him. It was quite unlike Frodo to disappear like this. He wondered if those black riders had anything to do with it. One day while he was at Green Dragon, having a drink, he heard someone say that Frodo along with 3 others was gone to live in Buckland. This came as quite a surprise to Baginssis as he had always considered Frodo a friend. Why wouldnt he tell me if he is moving to Buckland. So he decided that he would go to Buckland and confront Frodo about this. You do not treat a friend like that.

So Baginssis prepared a back pack and put on his travelling cloak and set out for Buckland. When he reached there he was quite disappointed to find out that Mr. Frodo was not there. When he questioned Fredegar Bolger about Mr. Frodo, he would say nothing. But after much questioning and assuring him that Frodo was a very dear friend, He finally told him that Frodo and the company had went into the Old Forest. Now why on earrth would he go there for?

But he had come all the way to Buckland to find Mr. Frodo, he could not give up the search now, so he decided to go into the Old Forest. He had heard strange stories about this place, the walking trees and dangerous wolves. But I cant stop now, I must keep going. He walked and he walked, deep into the forest, the trees grew thick, the air became denser, but Baginssis was determined to confront his so called friend. Each year, each year I gave him an excellent gift on his birthday and this is what he does to me. Leaving without a word! 

After much walk, he finally came across an old man who was dancing and singing and dancing and dancing and singing. The words didnt make much sense to Baginssis, but if nothing else, Baginssis was a courteous hobbit,

“Hello good sire! My name is Baginssis and I am looking for my friend Frodo, who I was told has come into this forest, would you happen to know anything about it?”, he asked.

“Hey do merry do my hearty! Tom Bombadillo knows everything that goes in and out of this forest, oh yes he does, the forest has trees, and trees have leaves, and leaves fall. but Tom Bombadill never falls with his shoes which are blue and his jacket yellow, oh merry fellow”, he replied?

“umm, so do you know anything about Frodo? He is my friend and then he just disappears and I hosted all his parties and was always there for him when his uncle left”

“Frodo, oh yes Frodo and Sam and Merry and Pippin, oh yeah, the four little hobbits on dangerous mission, oh yeah, Tom loves little hobbits, oh yes he does, but who are you merry do my hearty?”

Dangerous missions?! What dangerous missions? Has Frodo gone crazy like old Mr. Bilbo? “Oh I am a hobbit do, but could you please tell me where they are? I really need to speak with Frodo”, Baginssis asked.

“The four little merry hobbit, oh yes merry do my hearty, Tom knows where they go, Tom helped them oh yes he did, Tom loves little hobbits, he saved them from the wights, oh yes, the dead men who walk, oh Tom helped the hobbits, oh yes Tom loves to help, his boots are blue and his jacket is yellow, oh yes merry do”

Walking dead men?! Oh Frodo, what are you up to?! “Where are they now?”

“Safe in Bree, Tom thinks, yes safe in Bree, yes yes my hearty, safe in Bree”

Bree! Thats where I must go. “Thank you Tom, it was nice meeting you, Good Bye. I must go to Bree”

“Good Bye merry fellow, Mr. Baginssis, but remember if you need Tom, he will come for you, oh yes he will precious, Farewell merry do my hearty”, Tom sang and danced his way up to his house in the woods.

Walking dead men! Dangerous mission! I must go north towards the main road to Bree.

The main road was quite deserted, other then a few companies of dwarves and a hobbit or two on business journeys. He finally reached Bree, and check into Prancing Pony. He was eager to find Frodo, but there was no sign of the company there. But he was quite surprised to find the old grey wizard there. Gandalf had a reputation for bringing trouble to the hobbits, but Baginssis must ask him if he knew of this dangerous mission of Frodo and these walking dead men.

To Be Continued…

Casual Stroll

When I was bored of playing,

and slaying, the deeds became boring,

so i started exploring, the middle earth,

the beautiful earth, and all its mystery,

the history, I enjoy the ales

and tales, and the role play,

and lore play, a break from questing,

just resting, in hall of fire, 

by the fire, with desire, and a passion,

no more traveling ration, so everyone come,

welcome, please do come, with Estel-Ali,

or Dgenx-Ali, with all these merry elves,

the singing elves, the dancing elves,

the Tolkien’s elves and Bilbo,

or was it Bingo, I dont remember, 

but you are a member, of this community, of players,

the LOTRO Players, who got the news,

and share their views, what they’ve been doing,

and pursuing, so listen to them conveying,

when you are bored of playing.

Helms Deep

Riding fast and riding swift I came,
On my War Steed,  Firefly is his name,

Western Rohan, ah the desolation and cries,
The free people divided, full of orcs and spies,

The King under a spell,  corruption of Grima, he wasn’t leading,
Seeing all the death,  division and desperation,  my heart was bleeding,

Then came the light in the shadow,  the ray of hope, Gandalf the white,
The conquerer of death,  the keeper of Vilya,  a majestic sight,

The King came out of darkness and held up his sword,
Heir of Eorl the young,  Theoden,  Rohan ‘s lord,

I went through all the town’s to spread this news,
To gather people under one banner,  to change their views,

We rode to Helms Deep,  prepared it defenses,
We cranked the catapults,  the ballistics, built the fences,

And then they finally came,  the army of Isengard,
Our numbers were weak, but we fought hard,

We slew thousands, Legolas and Gimli were counting,
The orcs flew before Anduril,  flame of the west ,  it was daunting,

But the orcs kept coming, they weren’t stopping,
Driven by the will of Saruman,  they weren’t stopping,

Then came the dawn, and the white rider came,
With an army of Eorlingas,  and a white flame,

The orcs fled before them, with fear and scorns,
The shephards of the forrest, the Ents and Huorns,

The battle for Helms Deep was a victory, a win,
But The battle for Middle-Earth is just about to begin.


The world was younger and days were bright,

long ago, long before the flight,


from Gondor to Ered-luin I came,

not to seek any glory, nor any fame,


so many perils I faced,

minions of sauron I chased,


met the hobbits, reached the shire,

following no personal gain, no desire,


reaching prancing pony in bree,

seeing dwarfs and hobbits and men free,


stayed at Tom Bombadil’s house,

found goldberry too, his spouse,


but i had to move on, I just couldnt dwell,

through Lone-lands and Trollshaws and to Rivendell,


met king Elrond and his sons and other elves,

his homely house, his library with many shelves,


then far over the misty mountains cold,

through Goblin Town, being ever so bold,


Moria was my next stop,

I dreaded the place but I couldnt drop,


the bridge of Khazad-dum told a sad story,

Gandalf fought the fight and fell with glory,


I came out in Lorien, my heart was lifted,

negative thoughts went away, my thoughts shifted,


Lady Galadriel sent me away with many gifts,

lembas bread and sword and armour that fits,


went to the great river, tired and worn,

found traces of the nine, and a broken horn,


I was shaken,

the fellowship was broken,

the hobbits were taken,


follow the three or follow the two,

thought to myself, what would Gandalf do?


crossed over to Rohan, saw the evil of Saruman,

the two towers united,  jailor of Sauron,


went to Forlaw, met Estel-Ali family,

and Lord Aragorn, Prince Legolas and Gimli,


together we prepare to defend our keep,

where hammer stroke will fall hardest, at Helm’s Deep




My Favourite Wrestler – Shawn Michaels

Hello to JiGs, KliQ, My Family, Friends and all visitors..Today i am going to write u about my favourite wrestler of all times..Shawn Michaels..Who has retired from Wrestling recently..

A Quick Thought:

Shawn Michaels had been my favourite wrestler for 13 years..and 13 years ago was the first time i started watching wrestling..and shawn michaels vs understaker was the first match i ever was the hell in a cell match..the very first..and it was after watching that match that i became a fan and have never missed anyting in wrestling ever since..that match was a classic and 14 years later their match at wrestlemania 26 was even a bigger classic..wat an amazing journey its been..the rockers, the sexy boy, the boyhood dream, the kliq, dgeneration x, nwo, the icon, the main event, mr. wrestlemania..he was the reason i watched monday night raw regularly..his were the only matches that i watched even two to three times repeatedly..his match at mania 25 i watched 8 times already..even mania 26 match i have watched thrice already..his matches were the best..they had a story..the emotional connection that i had with shawn , i could never had with anyone else..he is the bets in ring performer..he is the best wrestler of all times..and he is my most favourite wrestler and will always be! God Bless u Shawn! Thnx for all the amazing memories u gave me over the years! thnx for making me fan of this world of professional wrestling..

Shawn Michaels The Best there is, The Best there was and The Best there ever will be!

KliQ 4 Life!

HBK Fan 4 Life!

My Story:

I remember first time when first time my dad brought a wrestling pay per view..and we played in the uncle was there too..the pay per view was called Bad Blodd 1997 and the main even twas Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker in a hell in a Cell match..for those of you who dont know what a hell in a cell match is..its a wrestling match where the ring is srurrounded by a steel cage with the top closed..which makes it diferent from steel cage was a revolutionary concept and it was the first time wwe was using a hell in a cell match..I had not known wrestling much before that time and i didnt know much about shawn or the undertaker..i was amazed at the undertaker’s grand mighty and powerful and in contrast to shawn michaels..Little did i know that i would become a fan of this sports for my entire life to come..they had an amazing match..with so amazing moves and spectacular performances..I was just hooked up on it..after that, i asked my dad to buy a shaheen antenna..because after asking other friends , i came to know that shaheen antenna showed wrestling dad being the amazing and loving he is..he bought the shaheen antenna and i started watching wrestling..WWE..wwf at the time..and i became a fan..later on i found another fan who shared my interests in wrestling..and we both used to watch wrestling and discuss it afterwards..Muneeb Ashraf aka Don..for hours we talked about wrestling..our favourite wrestler was shawn michaels..then in 1998 shawn had to retire for back injuries that he sufered over the was in undertaker vs shawn michaels in casket match that he injured himself bad..the wrestling just didnt felt the same without shawn michaels..he made ocasional returns to wwf..but i missed seeing him wrestle..but i continued watching wrestling as wwf had so many other superstars that i came to love and see ..stone cold steve austin, the rock, triple h, undertaker were my favourite wrestlers..i also watched some of the rival company called wcw..i loved hogan, nash , scott hall, the nwo , goldberg..they were some of my favourite superstars as well but my loyalties were always with wwf..wwf later became so successfull that they drove wcw out of competition and business..wwf  bought wcw in 2001..wwf bought another wrestling federation as well called the ecw..i hadnt watch them much..but i had heard that they were very real extreme form of wrestling..which i later came to love to watch..what can i say, guys love blood 😀 .. then to my surprize hbk made his surprize return in wwe after 4 hours of absense..i was so excited to see my favourite wrestler again on tv..later hbk had a feud with his former best friend triple h and i got to see some instant classics..they both r the rngineers of the ring..their matches were amazing and hbk was ever so great in ring even after 4 years of absense..HBK was back full time! and what an amazing ride it has been since 2002..I never missed a hbk match and i never forward any of his match..his matches were piece of art..he delivered quality matches and had the best feuds with top stars..and also made new stars and made them into big stars because they brought their game up by steping in ring with hbk..then last year hbk feuded with the undertaker..and they had a classic match at wrestlemania 25..if anyone was my favourite star other then hbk..its undertaker..i got to see my top favoourite wrestler face off at the grandest stage of them all.WreslteMania! the match was a five star match..the best match of all times..although hbk lost the match, but the result just wasnt important..then next year hbk chalenged undertaker to a rematch at wrestlemania 26 but this time he put his career on the line..undertaker had never lost at wrestlemania in 17 years..and most of the time we knew that he would win ,but this was the closest we all came to believe that hbk will end the undertakers undefeated streak..but it didnt happen..shawn gave the performace of his life but he did not beat taker..but we yet again got to see an instant classic match..a great match with so much on the line and so much emotions..i was emotionaly invested in the match..for years i wasnt able to deside who was my all time most favourite wrestler..but during that match i finaly realised it..HBK was my favourite wrestler of all times..undertaker was second favourite..It saddens me that we wotn get to see hbk anymore in ring..but i am happy that he made a choice which many people dont have the courage to make..i respect him for that..i will surely miss seeing him every week on raw..he was the main reason i watched raw, he was the main reason i became a wrestling fan..i love stone cold, i love rock , i love taker..but above all i love hbk..and he is my favourite wrestler..and he is the best in the world..he is the greatest wrestler of all times..period! none would ever touch him! I may never watch raw regularly now, like i have been doing since last 13 years..I watched raw because hbk was on it and i watched smackdown because taker is on it..i may continue to watch smackdown till the dead man decides to give up wrestling..wrestling just wouldn be same without hbk..undertaker just wouldnt be able to surpass the matches he had with hbk last two years..i hope he decides to give up wrestling too..because he wouldnt be able to top his performacnes with Mr. Wrestlemania! i will miss u Michael Shawn Hickenbottom! God Bless U!

The Heart Break Kid

The Icon

The Legend

The Main Event

Mr. WrestleMania

The Show Stopper

The Founder of D-Generation X

The Founder of The KliQ



The Hobbies

Hello to JiGs, Kliq, Family, Scouts, friends and all visitors.I am writing once again in my blog after a long interval of time. Allot has been happening in my life but lets save that all for some future blog entry. Today i am going to tell you all about my hobies, which by the way is the most anticipated blog entry i have ever writen. As some of you guys might have noticed that whenever you have asked me to tell you about my hobies, my usualy reply is ,” I have many hobies and i am a do all , try all kind of person”. Well thats very true indeed. Infact having so many hobies was the main reason i postponed this blog entry til now. But I think its time the world knows about The Hobies of Lord Ali.

1) Wrestling:(All Rights Reserved to WWE)

I am a huge wrestling fan, always have been and always will be. I love following it, watching it, reading about it, discusing it, playing it on my PS2. I have almost all wrestling material from the year 1990 on dvd’s.

The first wrestling match i ever saw was Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels in a hell in a cell at bad blood 1995 and since then i have not missed any wrestling show, be it on tv or pay per view.

The year 1995 was a very important year in wrestling as it makred the begining of The Monday Night Wars. Wrestling scene in USA was mainly divided into two organizations. WWE(WWF at the time) , run by Vince Mcmahon and WCW, which was run by Eric Bishoff and owned by Ted Turner(of CNN). Both companies prime flag shiped shows went on air head to head on Monday night prime time on different channels. The rating war lead both companies to produce some of the best names in wrestling history and some of the most creative story lines and characters. Prime examples are Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, The Rock and Triple H from WWE and Sting, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Scot Hall, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage from WCW. For two years WCW beated WWE in ratings, prime reason was the faction known as the nWo, which stands for The New World Order, which initialy features Hogan, Nash and Hall but later its members grew, the concept was an organization inside WCW which didnt follow WCW law and were outlaws, it was a revolutionary idea and it clicked and WCW beated WWE for 2 years, but WWE replied and they replied big time, WWE’s top scene was lead by an outlaw who surpassed all in fame and glory and single handedly saved WWE, his name was Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Anti Hero, red neck from texas who didn give a rats ass whether you liked him or not and didnt respect any rule or law or authority , not even authority of his Boss, Vince Mcmahon. American public and people from all around the world loved this Anti Hero , who didnt give a damn about his boss’s orders and everyone could relate to him, fans started seeing WWE just to see Stone Cold Beat the hell out of Vince Mcmahon. The Monday night wars ended by the purchase of WCW by Vince Mcmahon. Losing competition indeed wasnt that good for wrestling business in general as the story lines became much lame and but stil good wreslting is being produced by WWE and the new age guys like Randy Orton, John Cena(i hate him), Batista, John Morison, The Mizz, MVP, CM Punk, Dolp Zigler, Jack Swager, all present a great show but i watch WWE not for these young guys but for the vetrans who still got it, who still work their ass off for us fans, legends and icons like Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H and Rey Myterio.I love wrestling. Its my dream to one day attend a Wrestlemania live.

My Favoutite Wrestlers:

The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

Triple H

Hul Hogan

Randy Orton

John Morison

Kevin Nash

Scot Hall

Sean Waltman(X Pac)

Rey Mysterio



Kurt Angle

Brock Lesner

My Favoutite Wrestling moves:

Tombstone Piledriver

Sweet Chin Music


Stone Cold Stunner

The Peoples Elbow


The Last Ride



My Favourite Matches(I recomend you all):

Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart – Iron Man match for WWE Championship at Wreslemania 12

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker – At Wrestlemania 25

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell at Bad Blodd 1995

Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold – For WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 14

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold – No DQ Submission match at Wrestlemania 13

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Chris Benoit – For WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 20

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H – At Summerslam 2003

The Undertaker vs Mankind – Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair – At Wrestlemania 24

Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels – At Wrestlemania 10

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Gaint – At Wrestlemania 3

Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz – TLC match At Wrestlemania 17

My Favourite Entrance Music:

Graveyard – The Undertaker

Break it down! – D Generation X

The Game – Triple H

Voices – Randy Orton

Real America – Hulk Hogan

Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels

All Hell Yeah – Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Kliq Anthem – Kid Deception

My Favoutite Faction:

D Generation X


The Legacy


Main Even Mafia

Wrestling and Friends:

1) Muneeb:

I knew muneeb from school, he and i both were in same section, same school from class 1 and i was introduced to him by Husnain, but still we didnt become friends. It was in year 2000 that i came to knew that muneeb lived near my house, so we started hanging out together in the evenings, and it was then i came to knew that he watched and loved wrestling too. Almost daily we used to talk about wrestling in the evening and our friendship just grew stronger and stronger and he became my JiG. Although he has moved on and stopped watching wrestling, i still watch it and tell hiim about everything that is happening in the world of wrestling whenever we chat. I believe that one day i will be able to bring him back into our world of professional wresling.


When i came to italy, back in the year 2005, i didnt have any friends. Slowly slowly when i started school , i made many friends, Vacaro is one of those friends that i made in my first year of school. And like me vacaro watched wrestling too and loved it, from him i got so many wrestling weekly episodes and he was very kind in downloading me new pay per views as i did not have internet connection back then. he and i and our otehr frined Ondei used to talk about wrestlng allo tin recess and after school. Like Muneeb vacaro doesnt watch much wrestling either now, he moved on too, but every now and then when we meet , i try to update him and also bring him new WWE dvd’s.




5.Searching truth: