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My Favourite Wrestler – Shawn Michaels

Hello to JiGs, KliQ, My Family, Friends and all visitors..Today i am going to write u about my favourite wrestler of all times..Shawn Michaels..Who has retired from Wrestling recently..

A Quick Thought:

Shawn Michaels had been my favourite wrestler for 13 years..and 13 years ago was the first time i started watching wrestling..and shawn michaels vs understaker was the first match i ever was the hell in a cell match..the very first..and it was after watching that match that i became a fan and have never missed anyting in wrestling ever since..that match was a classic and 14 years later their match at wrestlemania 26 was even a bigger classic..wat an amazing journey its been..the rockers, the sexy boy, the boyhood dream, the kliq, dgeneration x, nwo, the icon, the main event, mr. wrestlemania..he was the reason i watched monday night raw regularly..his were the only matches that i watched even two to three times repeatedly..his match at mania 25 i watched 8 times already..even mania 26 match i have watched thrice already..his matches were the best..they had a story..the emotional connection that i had with shawn , i could never had with anyone else..he is the bets in ring performer..he is the best wrestler of all times..and he is my most favourite wrestler and will always be! God Bless u Shawn! Thnx for all the amazing memories u gave me over the years! thnx for making me fan of this world of professional wrestling..

Shawn Michaels The Best there is, The Best there was and The Best there ever will be!

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My Story:

I remember first time when first time my dad brought a wrestling pay per view..and we played in the uncle was there too..the pay per view was called Bad Blodd 1997 and the main even twas Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker in a hell in a Cell match..for those of you who dont know what a hell in a cell match is..its a wrestling match where the ring is srurrounded by a steel cage with the top closed..which makes it diferent from steel cage was a revolutionary concept and it was the first time wwe was using a hell in a cell match..I had not known wrestling much before that time and i didnt know much about shawn or the undertaker..i was amazed at the undertaker’s grand mighty and powerful and in contrast to shawn michaels..Little did i know that i would become a fan of this sports for my entire life to come..they had an amazing match..with so amazing moves and spectacular performances..I was just hooked up on it..after that, i asked my dad to buy a shaheen antenna..because after asking other friends , i came to know that shaheen antenna showed wrestling dad being the amazing and loving he is..he bought the shaheen antenna and i started watching wrestling..WWE..wwf at the time..and i became a fan..later on i found another fan who shared my interests in wrestling..and we both used to watch wrestling and discuss it afterwards..Muneeb Ashraf aka Don..for hours we talked about wrestling..our favourite wrestler was shawn michaels..then in 1998 shawn had to retire for back injuries that he sufered over the was in undertaker vs shawn michaels in casket match that he injured himself bad..the wrestling just didnt felt the same without shawn michaels..he made ocasional returns to wwf..but i missed seeing him wrestle..but i continued watching wrestling as wwf had so many other superstars that i came to love and see ..stone cold steve austin, the rock, triple h, undertaker were my favourite wrestlers..i also watched some of the rival company called wcw..i loved hogan, nash , scott hall, the nwo , goldberg..they were some of my favourite superstars as well but my loyalties were always with wwf..wwf later became so successfull that they drove wcw out of competition and business..wwf  bought wcw in 2001..wwf bought another wrestling federation as well called the ecw..i hadnt watch them much..but i had heard that they were very real extreme form of wrestling..which i later came to love to watch..what can i say, guys love blood 😀 .. then to my surprize hbk made his surprize return in wwe after 4 hours of absense..i was so excited to see my favourite wrestler again on tv..later hbk had a feud with his former best friend triple h and i got to see some instant classics..they both r the rngineers of the ring..their matches were amazing and hbk was ever so great in ring even after 4 years of absense..HBK was back full time! and what an amazing ride it has been since 2002..I never missed a hbk match and i never forward any of his match..his matches were piece of art..he delivered quality matches and had the best feuds with top stars..and also made new stars and made them into big stars because they brought their game up by steping in ring with hbk..then last year hbk feuded with the undertaker..and they had a classic match at wrestlemania 25..if anyone was my favourite star other then hbk..its undertaker..i got to see my top favoourite wrestler face off at the grandest stage of them all.WreslteMania! the match was a five star match..the best match of all times..although hbk lost the match, but the result just wasnt important..then next year hbk chalenged undertaker to a rematch at wrestlemania 26 but this time he put his career on the line..undertaker had never lost at wrestlemania in 17 years..and most of the time we knew that he would win ,but this was the closest we all came to believe that hbk will end the undertakers undefeated streak..but it didnt happen..shawn gave the performace of his life but he did not beat taker..but we yet again got to see an instant classic match..a great match with so much on the line and so much emotions..i was emotionaly invested in the match..for years i wasnt able to deside who was my all time most favourite wrestler..but during that match i finaly realised it..HBK was my favourite wrestler of all times..undertaker was second favourite..It saddens me that we wotn get to see hbk anymore in ring..but i am happy that he made a choice which many people dont have the courage to make..i respect him for that..i will surely miss seeing him every week on raw..he was the main reason i watched raw, he was the main reason i became a wrestling fan..i love stone cold, i love rock , i love taker..but above all i love hbk..and he is my favourite wrestler..and he is the best in the world..he is the greatest wrestler of all times..period! none would ever touch him! I may never watch raw regularly now, like i have been doing since last 13 years..I watched raw because hbk was on it and i watched smackdown because taker is on it..i may continue to watch smackdown till the dead man decides to give up wrestling..wrestling just wouldn be same without hbk..undertaker just wouldnt be able to surpass the matches he had with hbk last two years..i hope he decides to give up wrestling too..because he wouldnt be able to top his performacnes with Mr. Wrestlemania! i will miss u Michael Shawn Hickenbottom! God Bless U!

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