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AIESEC, The Beginning

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be part of things, movements,  ideas that are bigger then me, that are older then me, that will outlive me. The the kind of associations that go beyond individuals, beyond race, culture, creed or religion. Ideas which throw down the walls and boundaries we close ourselves into. Ideas which unite humanity as one. So it was of little surprise that when the opportunity presented itself of being part of AIESEC, I was on board. It had been a few months that I had been hearing some of my friends talk about this student association which was run by students and run for students. What a brilliant idea, I thought. But, being a student rappresentative and eldest son, I had other commitments, other responsibilities which  always came in the way. But it was about to change as life took a turn and last year in September I made up my mind about joining AIESEC. They were having a conference called Discovery Days in Milan, to introduce AIESEC to new students, so I decided to go. It won’t be accurate to say that I went in, not knowing whether or not I wanted to join AIESEC, since I had already made up my mind but Discovery Days had a different kind of importance for me then it might have had for other people. I needed to see it for myself,  I needed to see if these guys believed in what they were saying,  I needed to see the passion. For me it’s really important. Seeing someone’s passion for something had always inspired me. So I went, to be inspired. Passion is what I was looking for and passion is what I saw and then some. Organised,  organic, raw, full of energy, the AIESEC team, sharing beautiful experiences and life changing stories and I was hooked. I wanted more. Whatever they sold, I was buying. We humans have loved to be part of communities ever since the old times and this was one diverse community of people, united under AIESEC. I wanted to be part of AIESEC.