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A Birthday Celebrated

Hey everybody! Today is my birthday! The day I was born..The day I came into this world..

I am 26 years old and the culture I was raised in, a 26 year old person doesn’t celebrate his birthday.. but yet every year I celebrate it..I invite family and I buy a cake n I take pictures..
why do I do it? Am I childish? Am I immature? Am I stupid?
No I am not any of those things!
I invite everybody for the moments! The happiness and joy of a get together..A family riunion..

I dont desire gifts.. but I am a sucker for the sentiments! Its not about the gifts..Its about making memories..memories which will last..memories captured in pictures..the stories..the stories which will last a life time…
People dont understand it..n I dont know how to explain to them..I can try and show them the pictures of last 7 years..
How I have changed, how they have changed, how their children have changed.. grown my birthday pictures..

But If they still dont understand then I dont know what to tell them..
I can only end by this: “I do not celebrate my birthday just because it’s the day I was born but because I cherish bringing the family together, to spread the happiness, the joy, to make the memories, to celebrate life n health, to eat n enjoy, to look back one day n remember that it was a nice day”

To have these small happinesses..who has seen tomorrow? Who knows who will be here n who celeberate while you can!

Celeberate a birthday!