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Sick in the Night

I am sitting in bed, I am sick,
Laying under my blanket thick,

Yeah I got some fever and some flu and it’s true,
Could it happen in the spring? Who knew,

All these tissue papers used,
Looking out the window, confused,

The sun is shining strong and bright,
Somebody please turn off the light,

Cause I can’t behold that sight,
My eyes are seeking the night,

Mom is making me soup, hot,
Love cannot be sold or bought,

My brother in another country which is further in the northern and a little western side of Europe,
And he’s asking me to watch some gangster show, peaky blinder is the name, it’s on Netflix and it’s dope.

No Pain, No Gain

The pain killer has kicked in,
relieving the pain that I’ve been in,
it hurt so bad that my mind was spinnin,
now the specialist is gonna drill in,
to refill this stupid fillin,
i would rather be home chillin.

I am sitting here in this room waiting,
for him to stop talking and start operating,
what the heck is he debating,
now more people are accumulating.