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A Memory

I am sitting here all alone,
thinking about you and the times gone,
I gave you everything i had,
but you still always made me sad,
there were so many times i wanted to leave,
but your tears always made me feel so bad,
it was my mistake to stay with you,
but i am glad It wasn’t me who betrayed you,

so now i move on and be free,
and leave you behind like a memory..


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Yes you have been left alone,
you are still standing here,
while she is gone,

the future seems to be in mist,
the meaning of life is foggy,
don’t worry, be happy, just resist.



life to love but love is no more,

life goes on, get to the shore,

ocean of love, and the boat she took,

swim or die, no peter pan here, no hook,

heart of ice, heart of fire,

heart will break, till you kill the desire,

fighters will stay, quitters quit,

be man of steel, just survive this hit.


Move On

You gotta move on,

dont be a moron,

you have plenty to live for,

friends and family who you care for,

past is a lesson, present the choice,

future you have to make, just follow the voice,

put all the sorrow and grief aside,

you got nothing to be ashamed of, you got nothing to hide,

you had some great moment,you had a fun ride,

time to move on, time to decide,

people change, people make mistakes,

now close this chapter and move on for heaven sakes,

you have a good life, 

one day you will find love, you will have a wife,

for that future you have to survive,

this heartbreak, this betrayel, this lie,

so move on my friend,

this is the beginning, not the end,

everything that comes is god sent,

precious is now the time spent,

you have been shit on,

you have been lied to and quit on,

she doesnt care for you or she would return,

let her go, relax, let her run,

let her fly, let her go by,

wave her good-bye….wave…her…good-bye.


The End

What once was mine is not anymore,

Where love was once, love is no more,


I had a dream,

dream of love,

love which was with you, 

you who stole my heart, 

heart which i gave you, 

you who took it,

it was yours,

yours was mine,

mine was a dream,

dream that was crushed,

crushed and shattered,

shattered the heart,

heart that was broken,

broken into million pieces,

pices which were scattered,

scattered to never assemble again,

again i will not love, love which i held dear,

dear you were to me, 

to me you belonged,

belonged to eachother,

eachother’s soulmates,

soulmates who parted ways?

ways that should be together, 

together we didnt end up,

end up, ended, we ended,

you ended,

ended the love, 

love that you promised, 

promises that you broke,

broke my hope,

hope which i had, 

had till the last,


atlast i quit,

quit the dreams,

quit the hope,

quit you did, 

quit on me,

good bye my friend

may you have a peacefull end


The world doesn’t stop turning

The world doesn’t stop turning,

but the fire of love still keeps burning,

should i keep holding or just move on,

is there still hope or is it all gone,


time will tell, time will solve this mystery,

it is not easy to erase all this history,

i have suffered enough from this pain,

i do not know if my pain will have some gain,


i am not as strong as people choose to believe,

i can feel pain too but people cant conceive,

what should i do, what is the right path to take,

was it love or was it all just fake,


i am angry , i am confused, 

was i played, was i used,

i am down and destroyed and abused,

if it was love then why was i refused,