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Fight or Flight

Empty, clueless, sad, desperate and alone,
My feelings, now that you are gone;
My hopes, my life, my million dreams,
My heart torn, in endless screams;
In silence, I survive, I suffer, I live,
Got nothing to lose, nothing to give;
What happened, what brought me here,
Way filled with thorns, my feet are bare;
Empty street, night, darkness, rain,
Will I give up, die, end the pain.
Or will I rise up and fight,
The end is hidden from sight,
Lion heart will mend itself right,
All I have to do is survive the night,
My savior will come all dressed in white,
Then the sun’ll rise and days will be bright,
Darkness will end, happiness, Heavenly light,
End of emptiness, desperation, sadness, fright,