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The eyes have cried enough,

Ali you have tried enough,

There is nothing left to save,

Buddy just give a final wave,

All that love has become weak,

What do you want, what do you seek,

She has moved on, she doesnt want to speak,

To you she belonged,

You have been wronged,

Its time you let go,

And let the time flow,

All the wounds will be healed,

Just some hugs from friends is all you need,

Nevermind you will find someone like her,

No wait, hope you never find someone like her.

– Ali

The End

What once was mine is not anymore,

Where love was once, love is no more,


I had a dream,

dream of love,

love which was with you, 

you who stole my heart, 

heart which i gave you, 

you who took it,

it was yours,

yours was mine,

mine was a dream,

dream that was crushed,

crushed and shattered,

shattered the heart,

heart that was broken,

broken into million pieces,

pices which were scattered,

scattered to never assemble again,

again i will not love, love which i held dear,

dear you were to me, 

to me you belonged,

belonged to eachother,

eachother’s soulmates,

soulmates who parted ways?

ways that should be together, 

together we didnt end up,

end up, ended, we ended,

you ended,

ended the love, 

love that you promised, 

promises that you broke,

broke my hope,

hope which i had, 

had till the last,


atlast i quit,

quit the dreams,

quit the hope,

quit you did, 

quit on me,

good bye my friend

may you have a peacefull end


The world doesn’t stop turning

The world doesn’t stop turning,

but the fire of love still keeps burning,

should i keep holding or just move on,

is there still hope or is it all gone,


time will tell, time will solve this mystery,

it is not easy to erase all this history,

i have suffered enough from this pain,

i do not know if my pain will have some gain,


i am not as strong as people choose to believe,

i can feel pain too but people cant conceive,

what should i do, what is the right path to take,

was it love or was it all just fake,


i am angry , i am confused, 

was i played, was i used,

i am down and destroyed and abused,

if it was love then why was i refused,