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Casual Raiders, Never Apart

A new day, a beautiful world,
Another night, a new word,

From the ashes, a fire burnt,
A leader came, bold and blunt,

Estelali, a leader of people, so caring,
Estelali, courageous and daring,

A kinship rekindled and reformed, in friendship and glory,
Casual Raiders is the name, let me tell you about their story,

Four years ago, with a vision in sight,
After four years, still shinning with a light,

Who could have imagined, who could have thought,
The casualness and raiding and fun they brought,

Brandywine, a server abandoned, left by cowards, in fear of others,
But Casual Raiders stayed, embracing their new sisters and brothers,

Always staying true, to our core, our message was true,
It was a long, harsh, difficult road, yet we always grew,

Still taking the new players in, telling them they belong,
Not worrying about the wipes and failures, we kept carrying on,

The new ranks of amazing officers, in Ham, Mittens, Shoban and Fara,
The core group, in Io, CJ, Wook, Tanky, Anna, Prav, Snips, Tor and Vara,

Countlessly people in kin, with kind hearts,
Along with kin friends, the morgis’s and darts,

Together we make Brandywine, a place to be,
Our home in LOTRO, a sight to see,

Casual Raiders, always and forever, in our heart,
Casual Raiders, far away but never apart.

Casual Raiders, A Home for All

Hail friend! Casual Raiders is in the house,
Ready your keyboard, recharge your mouse,

We like to raid and we like to have fun,
We help kinnies, we take along everyone one,

We’re the best on Brandywine, when it comes to raids,
Our strength is our team, our glory never fades,

Doesn’t matter if you’re a casual or hardcore,
We’re amazing and larger than ever before,

We have good people, a kin one of a kind,
Built on respect and trust, leaving no one behind,

Two years ago, there was only just me,
Now we have 41 pages of men and women free,

Casual Raiders, a place to be,
Casual Raiders, from Gondor to Bree,

One kin to rule them all,
One kin of unite us,
One kin to bring us all,
And in the light, remind us,

A game is to have fun with friends and family,
We have Ali, CJ, Wook, Tankyn and Emily,

We have pravion, Noranti , Rash and Nick,
And countless others in our clique,

Casual Raiders, a destiny, a home for all,
Casual Raiders, here to stay, and never fall.

Casual Raiders, A Tale To Tell

Casual Raiders,  a tale to tell,
Sound the alarm, ring the bell,

We started with an idea,  a vision, 
A true kinship of people, without division,

Loyalty is something that cannot be taught,
Good people above good players we sought,

Many answered my plea, my call,
To pick eachother up when we fall,

We filled our ranks, we steadily grew,
Conquering many challenges with our crew,

A kinship was born, we are here to stay,
Leaving behind people, mean and fey,

Casual Raiders,  taking everyone along,
This is our kinship,  it’s where we belong.

A Tale of Casual Raiders

Hello, let me tell you a story tonight,
About our kinship, of it’s glory and might,

Casual Raiders is the name of our kin,
Casuals and hardcores, together for the win,

It started with pugs, with a vision in sight,
A community of players, close-knit and tight,

Then craters and trophy collectors joined our ranks,
We accepted amazing healers, dps’ers and tanks,

Slowly and steadily it grew,
Having fun like I never knew,

Raiding daily, facing challenges head on,
Estelali and by his side mower of lawn,

The love for Tolkien forever in heart,
Always together and never apart,

If you’re wondering what this kin is about,
We laugh,  we smile,  we raid,  we shout,

To be with us, you gotta have a thick skin,
We are a casual kin,  we’re not mean within,

As long as you’re respectful, you’re free,
You are welcome to join raids or chill in Bree, 

Our kin is friendly and a safe place,
After raids we like to do a DoS race,

We got creepy Wednesdays and throwback Thursdays,
Orthanc Fridays and Ereborian Saturdays and Sundays,

On top of it, we love our surprise raids and runs,
Rift and DN, OD and BG, and other classical ones,

We love taking the first timers along,
Their happiness is music to our song,

All these rhymes and verses I wrote,
I still think about my abandoned boat,

Roaming Middle-earth from Gondor to Bree,
On Brandywine, Casual Raiders is the place to be,

The haters are gonna always hate,
But hate doesn’t make anyone great,

It’s about inclusion and not exclusion,
Join us and draw your own conclusion.

Beleriand at War

When Beleriand was in war,
A merry passenger, a messenger, a mariner, went to seek the help of the Valar,


The Valar answered the cries of the children of Illuvatar,
Gathering their armies of elves high, they rode to war,


The war of wrath it was called and Beleriand was destroyed,
And Melkor was trapped in the void,


Of space and time,
For his horrendous crime,


Beleriand sank beneath the sea,
And the world was changed and Eru heard the plea,


Immortality or a mortal life,
Some chocies were given to children of Earendil and Elwing for their strife,


Elros choose the gift of Ilúvatar and went to live in Numenor which later fell,
But that’s another story to tell,
While Elrond tied his fate to middle-earth and went to establish Rivendell.

Casual Raiders

So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,

The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders,


Not too long ago we were only two,

But then more people joined us and our troops grew,


We promoted raiding yet still being casual players,

Raiding at night and by day perfecting skills and slayers,


We accept everyone who wants to come,

We aren’t elitists, all play styles are welcome,


We dont care about your LI’s or gear,

Respect is given no matter what you wear,


So have no fear and join our ranks,

All the warriors, healers and tanks,


We promise to always respect you,

We do not need to ever inspect you,


You can be a hardcore raider or a trophy collector,

Just be friendly to all, thats the main factor,


Slowly and steadily we beacame a large kin,

Now we rarely pug but instead have fun within,


We are social and active and have a great reputation,

And teamspeak and kin house and website for more information,


Come be part of a revolution for life in Casual Raiders is never boring,

Where the elves are elegant, men mortal, dwafs strong and hobbits adoring,


The Middle-earth is full of so many creatures and history and lore,

With so many areas and mysteries to explore,


So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,

The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders.


They called me Estel, when I was young,

It’s meaning is hope, in elvish tongue,

My mother and I were brought to Rivendel,

To hide from enemy, to live there and dwell,

I grew up learning the history and lore,

Of mighty elves, of Beleriand and more,

I fell in love with stories, I read The Lay of Leithian,

Stories of my elders, my kin, of Beren and Luthien,

I cried for children of Hurin,

Their trials and choices of Turin,

As I learned more about the Silmarils and powerful rings,

I often wondered about my place in grand scheme of things,

I learned about Elendil the tall,

And about Isildur, his rise and fall,

I learned about the corruption and weakness of men,

Because of men, the One Ring wasn’t destroyed then,

I was lost in my thoughts and mist, a vision of Tinuviel came,

I got up and ran after her, enchanted, calling her name,

Mesmerized, charmed, entranced, captivated by a spell,

She asked me why do I call her that, for she is Undomiel,

The evenstar of her people, Arwen, daughter of Elrond,

Our eyes met and we traveled through space, time and beyond,

Then reality dawned on me,

I was being too blind to see,

She was an Eldar, her stature was high,

I was a mortal man, doomed to die,

Hopeless, gaunt and grim, I left,

And the ring of Barahir I kept,

Fought alongside men of Rohan and Gondor,

And slew orcs, goblins, trolls, Corsairs and more,

I helped Gandlaf with capture of Gollum,

But Undomiel’s thoughts were never num,

Then fate brought me to Lorien,

After 30 long years I saw Arwen,

We met on Cerin Amroth,

We plighted our troth,

I held her hands, looked in her eyes and kissed her under a malorn tree,

But the world was changing, darkness rising, I departed to come to Bree,

In prancing pony, I found the four hobbits from shire,

I took them to weather top and told them not to light a fire,

But the fire was lit, the nazgul came,

I fought them with courage and a burning flame,

But the witch king struck Frodo with a morgul blade,

I tried to heal him with Athelas, but he began to fade,

The nazgul chased us as we fled towards Rivendell,

Then as a ray of hope he came, the mighty Glorfindell,

The conqueror of balrog, survivor of beleriand,
Returned to Middle earth from faery land,

Then men, elves and dwarfs came,
Mighty heroes with stature and fame,

Boromir, the captain of the white tower,
Gimli with his axe of power,

Legolas travelled many yards,
And Aragorn brought Narsil’s shards,

The four little hobbits were united,
With Bilbo, who was also invited,

Then the One Ring to rule them all was brought,
The free people quarelled and fought,

Then Gandalf recited, “Ash nazg durbatuluk”,
Frodo stood up and upon himself this task he took,

To go to Mordor and destroy the ring, though he knew not the way,
And with him went Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Sam, Merry, Pippin and Gandalf the grey,

Together they formed the fellowship of the ring,
Biblo hugged Frodo and gave him a Mithril coat and Sting,

And once more Aragorn looked back, at her, as he was about to depart,
His eyes met hers, his elvish queen, his life, his love, his everything, his sweet heart,

The journey was perilous and hard,
The fellowship always on their guard,

Over the mountains, the ring bearer tarried,
A heavy burden around his neck he carried,

They mountain pass ended in a deadly slope,
Gimli declared that Moria was their only hope,

But the dwarf doors were hidden and locked,
The fellowship was once again blocked,

But then the halfling solved the riddle,
They walked in with Frodo in the middle,

But the beast awoke with a wrath,
We retreated inside as Gandalf led the path,

The pillars were high and mighty in Khaza-dum,
But death got there first, Gimli cried at Balin’s tomb,

Then we heard the drums and many voices,
We were trapped and ran out of choices,

The goblins came in large numbers and a troll they brought,
We charged and slew many of them, even the halflings fought,  

But then came the shadow and fire,
A foe from beyond, with deadly ire,  

A demon of ancient world, Balrog of Morgoth came,
Fire and shadow woved in one, with a whip of flame,  

We ran across the bridge but Gandalf made his stand,
“You cannot pass”, with Glamdring and staff in hand,  

Balrog stepped forward and drew itself to great height,
Its wings spread from wall to wall, ready to fight,  

From out of the shadow a red sword leaped flaming, Glamdring glittered white,
There was a ringing clash and a stab of fire and Gandalf showed his true might,  

We ran to help the wizard, our guide, our friend, but he lifted his staff,
He smote the bridge before him, the bridge cracked, breaking it in half,  

“Fly you fools”, he fell into abyss with the demon and was gone,
But there was no time to mourn, I had to lead the fellowship on,  

We escaped darkness of Moria into the light of day,
Our fellowship broken, our hearts grim and fey.

The darkness of Moria behind, with golden woods ahead,
Raising our spirits, healing hurts, lifting our dread,

We were taken to see Lady Galadriel, the Noldorion,
The mighty high elf of the West, lady of Lothlorien,

The light of the two trees still shone in her eyes,
The memories of a land far West, where no one dies,

Her golden hair, her elegant style,
Her breathtaking beauty, her amazing smile,

She looked through our hearts, into our souls,
She knew about our secret mission and our hidden goals,

The Elves mourned Mithrandir and sang,
A lament through the woods, an echo rang,

She gave us magical cloaks, lembas bread and an elven rope,
And a mighty bow of Lorien, some daggers and rekindled our hope.

I came once again to that hill,
There upon the hill I stood still,

Upon the hill there is a tree, so tall and old,
It’s branches spread far and leaves were gold,

A memory appeared, the last time I was here,
I looked upon that face, so bright and fair,

My beloved was in my arms, Arwen Evenstar,
Full of joy, life and light, daughter of the Eldar,   

The world was young and mountains green,
Now I think about the miles that lay between,   

Will my fate be same as Beren one handed?
Will I succeed in the task I was handed?   

Would I conquer my demons, face my fears,   
The blood of Numenor in my veins, their unnumbered tears,   

From the ashes, would I rise? Am I Elessar?   
The path is hidden, but I still have to go far.  

Down the river Anduin, we steadily rode,
To Argonath, pillars of the Kings of old,   

Chased by Orcs of a different kind,
Marching in day, who didn’t go blind,   

The Ring did its magic, Boromir fell from grace,
Waking up from madness when he fell upon his face,   

He ran to help the two hobbits in need,
He blew the horn of Gondor, absent lust and greed,   

I flew towards him, faster then haste,
Anduril swung, laying enemies to waste,   

I laid his head in my lap, his horn split in two,
So passed a mighty son of Gondor, the ever true,

Merry and pippin were taken, Frodo and Sam were gone,
The fellowship broken, was there any point in going on?

Legolas, me and Gimli, we decided to carry on,
To rescue the hobbits from Isengard, from Saruman,

The fate of Frodo and Sam out of sight,
We followed the uruks day and night,

For days we ran in constant pursuit,
This tireless enemy. fearless and brute,

We came across the riders of Rohan, fair and tall in height,
Eomer of the mark, and his companions, who slew the uruks in night,

We asked them about the hobbits, the halflings,
They claimed to have seen none, we discussed some other things,

The hope once again tried to escape me, failure of Aragorn,
But my instinct told me to carry on the search, into fangorn,

Into the deep woods we went, legolas could hear the trees speak,
A white light blinding us, we found someone we did not seek,

Out of darkness, out of time, from timeless halls, from world end,
Came Gandalf, clad in white, leader of our company, our old friend,

Together we rode to Meduseld, to meet the king, grim and hiding inside,
To free him from the grip of saruman, to show him the light outside,

His son had died, but there was no time to weep,
The hammer stroke was ready to fall on helms deep,

We prepared for battle, young and able, old and sturdy grabbed a sword, to protect and guard,
There was Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli along with Theoden, fighting day and night, fighting hard,

Then we made our last onslaught, and Gandalf came down the hill riding,,
Bringing light and death to fleeing uruks, into the forest they went hiding,

But the forest had come alive,the hobbits did their magic,
The huorns woke and were furious, the uruks end was tragic,

The battle for helm’s deep was a victory, a win,
But the battle for middle earth was just about to begin,

We found a palantir of old, Pippin’s curiosity overcame,
He held it in hands and witnessed the white tree aflame,

Then he got caught by Sauron and he beheld the dark lord,
Who tortured him for information, hurt him with his sword,

But the Hobbit was pure of heart and bold,
By chance he saw the enemies plan unfold,

A fire burnt in my heart, I must go to minas tirith to defend the white city, I said,
But Gandalf had another plan, I must tread the pathless paths of the dead,


LOTRO Players

Let’s go on an adventure tonight,

LOTRO Players in their glory and might,   


The Middle-earth is our play ground,

We’re here to win, we won’t turn around,  


Andang brought his young lore-master,

Braxwolf shoots his bow faster,  


Pineleaf is a little hobbit warden,

Draculetta’s class I don’t remember, pardon!  


Ethelros is mighty captain,

Estel-Ali doesn’t join them often,  


But he has a kinship to run,

To lead raids and have fun,  


But LOTRO Players have fun of their own,

They travel through Middle-earth from dusk till dawn,  


They slay the minions of Sauron they meet,

From Forochel’s icy weather to Moria’s heat,  


Each week their fellowship grows,

Their number increase, their legend grows,  


Let’s go on an adventure tonight,

LOTRO Players are ready for a fight.



When all the hope was gone, he came,
Like a beacon of light,
In the shadow of night,
His mighty ancient sword aflame,  

His pointy hat and long beard,
Smoking his pipe weed,
Riding his white steed,
He is loved by all, not feared,  

His humility was exemplary and his grace,
A steward, a passenger,
A wizard, a messenger,
He wasnt a man, nor of elvish race,  

He walked with mighty powers in west,
His mission was high,
When the end was nigh,
Fought the evil in moria, he passed the test,  

Wandering the Middle-Earth, from Ithilien to Bree
Telling his tales, with a pint of ale,
From ered-luin to lonely mountain, of dale,
He cares for hobbits, elves, dwarves and men free,  

Now in the land of Aman, he walks once more,
In company of Nienna, Manwe and Varda,
Faded the power of Narya in Arda,
‘A far green country’, beyond the white shore.

Forever Alone


Alone on my own, in a dark cave,
Bound by My Precious, a worshiper, a slave, 

A shadow, a wight, a wraith to be,
Remembering the past, my life is a memory, 

Thinking of times gone, when I was free,
In the depths of a town with no tree, 

Living in misery, I forgot my name,
Awaiting a savior who never came, 

No friends here, no reason to live
Lost in my ways, nothing to give, 

But then one day, Bagginses came,
Stole My Precious, played a game, 

Lied to us, we hates it,
Ran from us, we hates it, 

Now My Precious is forever gone,
Alone I am, Alone on my own.



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