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AIESEC, The Beginning

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be part of things, movements,  ideas that are bigger then me, that are older then me, that will outlive me. The the kind of associations that go beyond individuals, beyond race, culture, creed or religion. Ideas which throw down the walls and boundaries we close ourselves into. Ideas which unite humanity as one. So it was of little surprise that when the opportunity presented itself of being part of AIESEC, I was on board. It had been a few months that I had been hearing some of my friends talk about this student association which was run by students and run for students. What a brilliant idea, I thought. But, being a student rappresentative and eldest son, I had other commitments, other responsibilities which  always came in the way. But it was about to change as life took a turn and last year in September I made up my mind about joining AIESEC. They were having a conference called Discovery Days in Milan, to introduce AIESEC to new students, so I decided to go. It won’t be accurate to say that I went in, not knowing whether or not I wanted to join AIESEC, since I had already made up my mind but Discovery Days had a different kind of importance for me then it might have had for other people. I needed to see it for myself,  I needed to see if these guys believed in what they were saying,  I needed to see the passion. For me it’s really important. Seeing someone’s passion for something had always inspired me. So I went, to be inspired. Passion is what I was looking for and passion is what I saw and then some. Organised,  organic, raw, full of energy, the AIESEC team, sharing beautiful experiences and life changing stories and I was hooked. I wanted more. Whatever they sold, I was buying. We humans have loved to be part of communities ever since the old times and this was one diverse community of people, united under AIESEC. I wanted to be part of AIESEC.


These animals pretending to be humans on earth,
Destroying our lives,  killing our children who want to learn,
Crying  parents who raised them since birth,
Our students and teachers they want to burn,


Shock is a small word for what we feel,
Who will tend to this wound, how will we heal?


I know not everything but I know this is not the Muslim way,
You will burn in hell for this,  for this you will pay,


The Prophet said children were flowers of Paradise,
But you killed them,  you animals in disguise,


My sadness turned to anger and I can’t rhyme,
But you need to be eradicated for this horrendous crime,


You are cowards, a shame on the face of humanity,
Who will help, who will end this insanity?


I cry and I scream and I scream and I cry,
I will fight you,  I may not win but I will try,


I am small,  I have nothing but my pen,
But I will walk bare handed in the wolves den,


Then there are some who want to justify this act,
Better come not near me if you want you body parts intact,


Whether you are talibans, AL Qaeda or ISIS,
Faces of evil, bringers of demonic vices,


How life on earth has become so complicated now,
But let’s end this madness,  let’s make a vow,


To stand against these murderers of innocence,
Take my hand and let’s create a fence,


People of earth United as one,
It’s not impossible, it can be done,


Against these monsters,  these soulless puppets of disgrace,
It won’t be easy,  death never is, but these demons we must face,


These children slayers pretending to be humans on earth,
Killing dreams of parents who raised them since birth.

Random Thoughts In My Head

A pursuit of happiness,
The reason to be,
The reason to wake up in the morning,
The reason to see,
The beauty,  the nature,  the evolution,
Life survived for millions of years in every situation,
But no one knows how it got created,
In religious texts it’s stated,
That God created man,
But scientists have other theories,
But no one is certain or sure,
But I know one thing,
Empathy,  compassion for fellow being,
That’s what matters most,
The common people of this planet,
The farmers in their fields working,
The scientists in laboratories researching,
The students in universities learning,
Just keep the fire burning,
To keep a warm heart,  not cold,
Keeping traditions new and old,
Pondering,  questioning, along this ride,
Always having patience, tolerance inside,
To hear difference of opinion,
Helping people in need,
Doing a good deed,
Happiness you’ll receive,
Always be honest,  never deceive,
And let’s make this world a better place,
To save life, to save the human race.