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AIESEC, The Beginning

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be part of things, movements,  ideas that are bigger then me, that are older then me, that will outlive me. The the kind of associations that go beyond individuals, beyond race, culture, creed or religion. Ideas which throw down the walls and boundaries we close ourselves into. Ideas which unite humanity as one. So it was of little surprise that when the opportunity presented itself of being part of AIESEC, I was on board. It had been a few months that I had been hearing some of my friends talk about this student association which was run by students and run for students. What a brilliant idea, I thought. But, being a student rappresentative and eldest son, I had other commitments, other responsibilities which  always came in the way. But it was about to change as life took a turn and last year in September I made up my mind about joining AIESEC. They were having a conference called Discovery Days in Milan, to introduce AIESEC to new students, so I decided to go. It won’t be accurate to say that I went in, not knowing whether or not I wanted to join AIESEC, since I had already made up my mind but Discovery Days had a different kind of importance for me then it might have had for other people. I needed to see it for myself,  I needed to see if these guys believed in what they were saying,  I needed to see the passion. For me it’s really important. Seeing someone’s passion for something had always inspired me. So I went, to be inspired. Passion is what I was looking for and passion is what I saw and then some. Organised,  organic, raw, full of energy, the AIESEC team, sharing beautiful experiences and life changing stories and I was hooked. I wanted more. Whatever they sold, I was buying. We humans have loved to be part of communities ever since the old times and this was one diverse community of people, united under AIESEC. I wanted to be part of AIESEC.

Her Eyes

It was a cold winters eve, he was waiting for bus at the stop. He was very happy and singing, some days ago he read an article that singing releases some kind of happy neurons. Trying to rap,  rhyme the words without taking a pause,  he was quite content with himself.  But he also felt a little as because some rhymes were really good and would be lost forever in air as sound waves. He had a nice drink with his friend,  they talked and gossiped,  laughed and enjoyed. He told her about this new girl he is seeing and she told him about how she ended things with her love interest. He told her about the new cigar he smoked and she told her how he is going to die of cancer. Oh you know the usual love sharing between friends. Hanging out after University had  become a thing for them. The bus finally came and he got on. He wanted to get some writing done while he arrived home. He found it quite easy to write in bus because he could look around and look out the window and see so many people so many stories to tell,  they gave him inspiration and ideas for new stories. He started writing about his day in his daily journal. Whole writing he looked up from his tablet screen, and it was then that his eyes fell on this girl,  this really uniquely dressed, particularly fashioned make up and hair,  girl. Dressed in dark green sweat shirt and a baggie jeans. He looked at her and looked again.  She noticed him looking,  their eyes locked for the first time. Startled by the sudden realization of how weird it is,  he looked away,  and so did she. He tried to get back to his writing but he couldn’t quite finish his sentences,  for his attention as on this girl. Something about her eyes,  the way she looked,  made him enchanted,  ensnared him,  caught him,  and curiosity took over him. He looked at her again and so did she. Their eyes locked for a second time,  not blinking they looked at each other.  Without uttering a single word,  they spoke for hours,  for days,  for weeks.  Time stood still. He understood her sadness,  her grief,  her wounds, her sorrow, her hurts, for he too was at that place once and it was bad. He empathize with her,  he consoled her,  he gave her a shoulder to cry on,  he told her it will be OK and that he want the one. They kept looking at each other, and she smiled,  a star twinkled outside the window, the moon shone in her face,  and he gave her a node. She rung the stop bell,  got up,  the bus stopped,  she gave him a final look,  a twinkly smile and got off the bus,  he smiled and got back to writing his journal with a smile on his face,  thinking of those eyes.